...heard, is that one of my friends is sick.

And since she started reading my blog, I'm going to post some great things to do when you are sick. Imola, sweetie, sit back and enjoy the next few minutes!

It's all for you!

1. Make a pillow or blanket fort
Who doesn't love blanket forts, right? Blanket forts rule! Grab every single blanket and billow you can get your hands on and drape them over every large surface there is in your house. Don't forget to put some heavy objects on top of it so it won't come down easily!

Here are some great pictures of blanket forts:

2. Blow bubbles
I know you love it as much as I do, and I know you have some formula for it in your house somewhere, just in case (and if you don't you can make it easily with water and soap). So, grab it and have fun!

Here are some great pictures of bubbles, just for you:

3. Drink lots of hot tea
I know you know this already, but I needed to post it just so I could also post some great tea pictures and recipes. Here we go... (click on the pictures to get to the recipes)

I hope these will give you something to do with your free time, and you will enjoy them. I'm not going to post any more stuff to do, since I'm quite sure you know that sometimes watching a movie, drawing or just surfing the internet WILL make you feel better.

Get well soon! <3