...am happy about is, that yesterday we had almost 50 views again!

I - again- have no idea, why this is, but I'm starting to not actually care. Also, if you didn't notice it before, I added a new link to this page. It will lead you to another brand new blog.

I think it will be cool to follow it, since the girl who writes it seemed pretty awesome. She apparently writes short stories, and is also a Goblins fan. I ran into her on the Goblins chat... So, check it out!

Also, on that chat today I was told that I should write about the sex life of a red ant working girl in the middle ages, who is trying to get by, and her mortal enemy, the Anteater.

Now, since I wrote my bachelor thesis about this topic I could be considered a true master of the field. So here we go!

Well...no, actually I'll just share a couple of pictures about the most unusual statues and sculptures from around the world.