... had yesterday, is an awesome evening.

Why? you might ask. Well, as I was checking out my Facebook page, a little status update brought me to a most amazing place.

Have you ever read comics? How bout internet comics? If yes, did you ever talk to the author live?

Well, that's what happened yesterday. Thunt, the author of Goblins streamed his drawing, and talked to us all. I can tell you guys, it was my first time doing this, but apparently it's not the first time it actually happens.

Thunt is awesome, the fanclub is also awesome - we had great conversations - and it was awesome to actually be present when the comic was made. If you guys ever want to read it, or talk to the guy, just check out the link I put in here. It will lead you to the comic, and from there you will probably manage to find everything on your own.
Anyways, I just popped in to tell you guys this, cause well, it got me excited and all. Also I wanted to apologize for not posting any list today - I just have so many things to do I can't fit this one in my time today. If I finish my work in time, though, I promise to re-edit this post, and I'll share it again on Facebook so you can read it.