...still haven't done yet, is to start up with my project.

Yeah, I know I always put my work off, but who doesn't? I guess now, since the Uni started up again, I'm going to have to start doing something though. Especially since in about 2 weeks I have exams. Yes, we only have the Finals now. With now i mean this month.

(I had to specify this only because the second most views come from the U.S. of A. at the moment. Which is actually a funny fact, considering I only have a few internet-friends from there, and not one of them I have met in person)

Oh I have to say this too... I just came home from the lectures, and I have to admit, I was totally befuddled. I really had no idea whatsoever what was going on around me, and what the hell was the professor talking about. The only good point in this was that we will be graded by how many times we actually showed up at the lectures, and a little project, which we will have to present next month. Thank God for small favors...

Oh, and on another note, I have to mention this one. Since I wrote that post about the caves I keep getting internet advertisers about the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. I don't know how or why, but it keeps popping up on every site I Stumble Upon. Is it just me, or does this happen to all of you guys out there?

Dang, this post is going slowly (I actually started writing it in the morning at it's now 8:43...)

But since I couldn't come up with anything else I had to choose something from my list of topics... So today you'll be reading about bridges!

1. The Millau Viaduct

This bridge is located in southern France, and it's HUGE. It's 37 m (121 feet) shorter than the Empire State Building. It spans the valley of the river Tanne and it's open since December the 2004th.

2. Banpo Bridge

Located in South Korea, the Fountain Bridge is a huge tourist attraction. It was finished in September of 2008, and it pumps about 190 tons of water per minute from the river below it. The fountain has 10000 nozzles that run on both sides of the bridge.

3. Gateshead Millenium Bridge

This bridge is located in England, and it's special because it's the first and only tilting bridge in the world. It's not only beautiful, but highly functional too. It will allow ships and boats to pass along the river Tyne.

4. Magdeburg Water Bridge

I don't think this one needs an explanation, tho I'll give it nonetheless. It is a bridge for ships. It is 1 km long, and it connects the former East and West Germany. It was built as a unification project, and it costed about 500 million euros.

5. Ponte Vecchio

You can find this medieval bridge in Florence, Italy. Back in the days it used to have butcher shops alongside it, but today most of these shops converted to souvenirs because of the tourists. And yes, it is famous, because it has shops on both of its sides. And it's the only bridge in the world that has something like that.

6. Henderson Waves

This bridge is located in Singapore, and it was named as the most beautiful pedestrian bridge. It's about 36 meters high (12 storeys from the road), and 300 meters long. It's the highest bridge in Singapore, and it links up the parks at Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill.

7. Rolling Bridge

This award winning bridge is located in London. Though it's only 12 meters long, and when open you might say there is nothing special about it, this one is the only bridge that rolls up so its end touch each other when a ship has to pass over.

8. The Helix Bridge

This bridge was built in Singapore in 2010. This ultra-modern double helix structure, besides its function of linking Marina Centre with Marina Bay in the city, also serves as a gallery and an observation platform, providing amazing views of Singapore.

9. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge

It wouldn't be me, if I didn't include this one. This bridge was built in 1849, and it links Buda to Pest, over the Danube river. It was the first permanent bridge across the river, and at it's construction it was considered a wonder of the world and a symbol of advancement.

10. Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the world's highest suspension bridge at 1,178 feet (359 meters) height above Arkansas River. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of jumpers. But these ones have parachutes. It's located in Colorado, if you were wondering...

So, these were some that you probably didn't hear about till now... How about you guys share some other cool bridges?