... think will happen today, is that we will cross the 1500 views mark.

So congratulations to me and all of you guys who managed to read the posts...

Also, today I'm going to take a minute and say something about this S.O.P.A business. I think it's stupid to focus on it. It will NEVER be put into use, because it would hinder everyone.

I think it's time you guys focused on more intelligent things, like does the media want you to actually focus on this thing. Because as far as I observed, whenever a wave like this comes up politicians just want you to focus on other things that's actually happening. If you think this is some kind of conspiracy again I'm coming up with - just look at your past.

Also, let me tell you why this wouldn't work. First off, because with it the internet would not exist anymore. Because if it would exist every single being that even once clicked on an internet browser would actually go to jail. I don't think there are any more people who never copied down anything from it. Hell, I could bet my ass on it, that even big scientists and book authors used the internet to get more information for their work - without giving credit.

Piracy is practically in our veins now. The internet was put there for everyone to use it. If people would have wanted to buy music and movies and books and whatever the fu*k else they would have bought it. I'm pretty sure I'm talking in the name of quite a few of you guys, when I say I would rather learn to play a musical instrument and listen to cats in heat going at it all night than pay for some stupid song, when I could use that money to actually buy food or pay the fu*king taxes.

Because, let's face it - there are more important things you would rather spend your money on. Like actually surviving. So no, I don't think this will work out. So stop fussing and go do something useful.

Also, about the article that's going all around now about the guy who made this thing up being caught out as a pirate himself - well, here is another fact. Every single one of you guys are hypocrites. He is human, he is one too. Also, he is a politician, so he is doubly so. If you didn't know this one yet, you probably don't have any idea of politics.

I could probably count it on my hand on how many of the biggest politicians actually write their own speeches, for instance. Did they ever credit anyone for them? I don't think so.

So no, this would not work. Because every single of the governments are full with people like that.

So anyways, if you guys wanted a list I'll have to give you one. Here are the websites that are against SOPA:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google
4. Mozilla
5. Wikipedia
6. Rock, Paper, Shotgun
7. Craigslist
8. 9gag
9. AOL
10. Boing Boing
11. Creative Commons
12. Daily Kos
13. Disqus
14. eBay
15. Etsy
16. Foursquare
17. Grooveshark
18. Hype Machine
19. Kickstarter
20. Kaspersky
21. LinkedIn
22. Metafilter
23. OpenDNS
24. O'Relly Radar
25. Reddit
26. Techdirt
27. PayPay
28. Torrentfreak
29. Tumblr
30. TechCrunch
31. Yahoo!
32. Zynga
33. Scribd
34. YCombinator
35. Namecheap
36. Petzel
37. ICanHasCheezburger
38. Quora
39. Embedly
40. Media Temple
41. CloudFlare
42. StackExchange (Stack Owerflow)
43. Github
44. Linode
45. Hostgator
46. Square
47. The Huffington Post
48. ESET
49. 4chan
50. (I don't know if this one counts, but...) So, one of the things I...


And here is a list of SOPA supporters