... love to read, is Nemere.

I know, after yesterday's post it's a bit quirky to write something about a writer. But for some strange reason I wanted to focus on a single book and its topic.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a short bio. István Nemere (born in Pécs on 8 November, 1944) is a Hungarian novelist, Esperantist, and translator. He writes till these days, and in total he has 592 books. He also has about 15 pen names, most of them foreign (I guess it will give a writer a better chance on international level if he has an English name), and why not... some of them even female.

Now his most well know books are Secret series - which actually have a bunch of interesting topics in them (most of them conspiracy theories), but today I'm not about to talk about those.

There's another one I think is pretty great, by the name of "Lopjál nekem egy Rembrandtot" - or "Nick me a Rembrandt" for those who don't understand Hungarian.

It's pretty interesting to read about a couple of artists and how their work was either stolen or lost, or falsified.

I found out for instance that there are pictures that were stolen more than one time. There's a Rembrandt picture called Jacob de Gheyn III, that was actually nicked four times in a row, probably because even in the sixties the pic was worth about 1,5 million pounds (almost 2,5 million dollars).

The funniest part is when the second time it was stolen by a guy who casually entered the museum it was placed in, grabbed the picture and hid it under his rain coat.

Or how the Mona Lisa was set up in the bathroom of the French king for quite some time... and how it was stolen on a day the museum was actually closed, and how no one even noticed it was stolen till the afternoon of the next day.

The whole book is actually really entertaining, and I love the humor of it. (Nemere is sometimes a sarcastic ass)

So, I'm going to recommend it to everyone. Go... Read it... Now!