...stumbled into are a couple of giggle-worthy gifs.

For some strange reason these last few days were kinda crappy and boring, so I really needed a pick me up. They weren't something that lasted too long, but for a short few minutes at least I wasn't bored. Sooo... let's roll.

When there is new food in the fridge:

When your friend does something you clearly said was a bad idea:

When people at the movies won’t shut up:

When you finally wash your bedsheets:

When you hear people next to you say, “Don’t tell anyone…”

When the smart kid fails the test:

The night before the first day of school:

When you get a random pebble in your shoe:

When you’re singing alone and someone walks in the room:

When you realize you just said something stupid:

When someone you hate says something funny:

When people don’t warn you before taking your picture:

When lyrics websites won’t let you copy the lyrics:

When you feel people staring at you:

When you’re at a restaurant and you see your food coming:

When you were young and heard someone curse:

When someone post ghost picture in the middle of night:

When your friend buys something for everybody except for you:

When people make fun of you while you in the bad mood:

When you screw up an essay: