... have to tell you guys, is that yesterday was the start of the City Days.

I'm also sorry I didn't write yesterday anything - we walked around the city checking things out and we also managed to almost finish up our really hard and boring project.

So, as you see we were kinda busy with getting exhausted both physically and mentally. (Really... that freaking project was a hell of a problem to solve. But we did it. Most of it, anyway.)

And this is what will be the 'topic' of today.

First off: the more interesting part (at least for us bookworms and nerds).

If you read my blog from the star you might have already heard about the local 'Casino'.

This is what it looked like for a looong while:

A sad, sad thing to watch.

But! The good news is, that the city finally got its act together, and they rebuilt the whole thing. And they used the old plans too, so it should kinda look like it was when it was actually built.

I actually managed to find an old picture of how it was in 1916! Check it out!

So, as I was saying, they managed to restore the building to its glory (and I think they did a pretty good work too). Yesterday was the official opening - they had all kinds of political figures talking and walking between the "normal" people.

Anyway,s I know you want to see what it looks like right now. We went there yesterday morning just to check it out, and this picture was made by Ágota. (Praise her!)

All right... I also promised something about the whole City Day fiasco. Here is the program, for those who know Romanian. It's kinda a long list so I won't translate it to English, but if anyone is interested in it feel free to use Google Translate... and of course if you want to visit the city now is the time.

Also, this is the time to tell you guys that in this summer there will be another week like this - Hungarian City Days this time (I'm kinda partial to this one, you see... and as I hear there will be some really cool concerts every day, so get your bags ready, and read my blog for some more updates).

And with this I'm off... have a pretty full day ahead of me still (lunch, cooking, finishing up the project and then -of course the finals of the ESC). Have an awesome day, everybody!