...spent half a day on was making a couple of new accounts.

So from now on, you can find me (@tundebencsics) both on Google plus and Twitter besides Facebook.Feel free to add me for future updates!

Anyway, since I haven't done a video roundup for a while now, I thought now would be the right time just for that.

So... without any further ado here are my favorite YouTube videos since last time.

The first video for today is quite hilarious. I didn't want to ruin the joke for you guys, but I guess just seeing the title to it does that anyway. And here is one of the reasons I like BBC:

The second video is only for those who don't mind strong language. I usually love these kinds of videos, because I'm a nerd and I like seeing how people suffer while playing video games (because, dammit, I swear like a crazy fuck too, whenever I can't beat a game). Here... imagine me sitting in front of the comp. Same shit.

This third video is pretty old, but since I didn't include it in the last roundup here it is. If you watch Game of Thrones, chances are that you have a love and hate relationship with Joffrey (I hate his character, but he is an amazing actor for making me hate him so much). This video will give you a satisfaction like no other.

The fourth video is an oldie but goodie, because who doesn't like George Carlin (RIP!). I absolutely love his unique take on the world, his humor, his sarcasm, and the fact that he is (was?) so freaking intelligent. Also, since elections are approaching fast in our country, take this as it is meant to be.

The fifth video was already re-tweeted, and re-posted on all my walls today, but I can never get enough of Alan Rickman, so here he is again. With a different song this time... ans I think this one makes it even more perfect (Especially the one at the end, which makes me burst out laughing every time). Check it out!

The sixth one is for mum. I neglected showing this in one of my old posts about computer games I used to play, because I couldn't remember what was its name. But now that I found it, here it is. We used to compete for hours, trying to beat each-others' high-scores. Mom always won - she was unbeatable in this game. Hmmm - I wonder If I could find it again for her entertainment.

The seventh video is a parody of the amazing Downton Abbey. Well, actually it's the first part of a series - and I'm glad to announce it's hilarious. I think it's watchable even if you haven't seen the original series - I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar enough with how things were back in those times, and will detect the jokes.

The 8th one was also shared today on Facebook, so you might have already seen it. Still, since I haven't posted any videos yet about someone singing or generally playing music, I took the chance to share this one. I think it's quite heartwarming (and you know how much I love Flash mobs) to see so many people enjoy a little classical music. I just wish I could one day witness something like this.

The 9th one is something you will all love. I won't say much about it, but you must (You MUST) stop it at 0:38. I wonder how many of them you recognize.

The 10th and last video for today is from vsauce. This is a video for those who want to learn something new every day. If you ever wondered why yawning is so contagious, this is the time to find out the answer. Now, be sure and tell me how many times you yawned during this video.