...was invited to yesterday was an artsy-fartsy foreign party.

It was close to our house so we decided to check it out, because they promised a movie night where the movie was plastered up on a huge building's side.

Well, let me tell you, it wasn't what we expected. First off the movie was some kind of crap that was probably made by some retarded guy who escaped from an asylum for the criminally insane, and who probably had epilepsy too.

I swear, I could almost feel losing my brain cells as it was played over and over and freaking over again - the same freakish thing. I'm surprised it didn't cause nightmares- though now I'm afraid to go out in case they managed to implant some kind of psychotic stuff in our brains.

I think it doesn't need to be said that the place was full of hipsters - hipsters from here, and hipsters from France and Germany too.

The french people were said to bring some wine and cheese - both of which I tasted, just cause I was freaking bored. I could swear that the cheese they brought, though was the same kind mom buys for dad sometimes- that smokey flavored one I don't know the name of. Their wine was nothing spectacular either- it was some kind of semi-dry red with barely any taste to it.

The Germans brought some beer and pretzels - of course! The pretzels were pretty good, but nothing out of the ordinary - nothing I didn't taste before. The beer was said to be German too, but as soon as I came home I checked it out on the internet, because the label on the glass didn't have much information on it. It was a Kaiser Fasstyp - a beer from Austria actually. Now I've tasted a couple of beers in my life but this one tasted like crap - at least in my opinion.

It had some kind of crazy olive-oil aftertaste to it - and even though I do like olives, I prefer not having them in my beer. As I said, I looked into it a little bit more- the beer was made by Heineken International, and it has about 5.2% alcohol in it.

It's only a little bit stronger than one I'm used to, and added to the half glass of wine I also drank in about half an hour time it hit me like a midget with a hammer (I have a low tolerance for alcohol...).

Thankfully a couple of minutes after I got home I managed to shake off the effect of it (I swear, those few minutes of sauntering home were both one of the funnies moments of my life, and also really excruciating. Walking up the few steps we have in the building actually hurt).

Aaaanyways, I was looking around on YouTube today, and came across some cool movie trailers I'm actually looking forward to. So I though I could share it with all you guys. (In case you already saw them, I apologize for wasting a few free minutes of your life. Otherwise have fun!)

First off, Ice Age 4! I've been waiting for this one forever - actually, since I saw that little part with Scrat and the giraffes. The whole Ice Age saga is in my opinion one of the best animated series ever - though the first one was still the best, I guess the other were worth to watch too. And it also holds a special place in my heart, because the third part of it was the first (and sadly, not the last) 3D movie I saw in my life.

Men In Black 3 was due for a long time now in my opinion. I'm actually surprised they didn't make one sooner, but what the hell? I loved this movie cause it was too crazy for words. It had a bunch of really unexpected things in it - things that made the whole thing hilarious. I'm actually hoping this third part will be a lot better than the fourth part of POTC was.

Brave in my opinion looks remarkably like How to Train Your Dragon did, and that is probably why I will absolutely watch it. I adored How To Train Your Dragon, and since nowadays Pixar is what Disney was in the old days, I'm pretty sure this movie will be again something that the whole family will love to watch. Also it kinda looks like a crossover between Game of Thrones and one of my favorite Harry Potter fanfic (The Marriage Stone, which was sadly abandoned), so I'll probably be around when it comes out.

The Hobbit, of course. I couldn't leave this out now could I? I actually think this one will be even better than the LOTR series, if not for else for the dwarfs. Sadly (or not) I didn't actually read any of Tolkien's books, so I have no idea how this movie will turn out. The trailer to it though is epic- I've been watching it over and over and over again since it came out, and I can't get bored of it.

Despicable me 2 is waaay in the future still, but since it already has one single trailer to it already, I'm going to post it anyway. It's also one of the best cartoons nowadays - at least the first one was awesome. I'm hoping the second one will be just as funny and sweet as the first one was and then it will all be all right. Anyways, banana.

There will be a bunch of interesting sequels in the next few years - sequels of my favorite movies from when I was a kid, but sadly they are mostly in a state of rumor, without any actual trailers to them as of yet. Though, I think whenever something new comes up I'll share it with you guys. Until then!