...attempted to do today was to learn to hula hoop.

It goes without saying that it wasn't a great success.

But I did manage to turn on dad's computer and start up the second monitor -watching YouTube on the big TV and writing my blog from this room is pretty neet. The only thing I wish for is that he had a better keyboard. This one is kinda crappy, but then again it is wireless so I shouldn't complain.

Anyways, today I was woken up by Draco (I'm still not sure, if this is the final name for the budgie or not...). He was chirping up a storm - I guess he was kinda bored all alone in the other room.

So i decided to sit around with him, and here I am. Listening to music with him chirping with approval at some of them. And let me just tell you, he is pretty hard to please. He is a little snob, if you ask me.

So here are a couple of songs he likes...

First off, he love Ákos.

This is actually not a problem, because I also like some of his songs. Songs like 'Ilyenek voltunk' (attempting to translate it to English I cam up with 'we were like this'), 'Majom aketrecben' (Monkey in a cage), 'Adj hitet' (Give me faith), 'Keresem az utam' (I'm searching for my way)are pretty neat, but the songs from when he was still in his old band (Bonanza Banzai) are still better.

He also loves Lena. Not complaining here either- I did actually try out the songs I also like first. Well, actually, Lena's Satellite. I searched up a couple of more of Lena's songs, and Satellite was the only one that got a reaction out of him.

He also likes this next song- Don't stop the Sandman. I got this song from my American friend- he usually shows me awesome songs, I guess he has an amazing taste in music. Or it might be that we share a love for te same songs. Whatever it is, tho, this song is really,really cool. I mean, both of the originals are good, and who knew they could come up with smething even better than Journey?

Speaking of songs both me and my American friend like. Barenaked Ladies! All right, they are a legend - they have the funniest songs I know.

And now on to the bad part. Yesterday I switched on the TV to VH1- a music channel that has some great oldies but goodies, and left it playing while I was cooking. Of course, every time Draco chirped I came back in to check out what it is he spotted. I nearly had a heart attack when I realised that Rick Astley was playing. Apparently, I've been Rickrolled by a budgie.

Thank god that he is not a biever fan tho. I would have had to return him...