...have to give it to my sister, is that she has a good taste when it comes to pies.

I know that nowadays I wrote about a lot of recipes, but what the hell - it is still my blog and I will do whatever the hell I want.

And since we still had some peaches left over from this last week, we decided to finally use them all up in one hell of a dessert.

Now, since dad is home, the kitchen looks like a war-zone, so I didn't take any pictures for today's post (the place looks so bad at the moment that even I am ashamed of it - and that says a lot).

So, let's get going!

First off, the ingredients...

For the brown layer you will need
16 dkg margarine
16 dkg powdered sugar
vanilla sugar
3 eggs
10 dkg flour
2 dkg cocoa
baking powder
and some grated lemon zest.

For the white layer you will need
20 dkg flour
15 dkg sugar
baking powder
2 eggs
1,5 dl oil
a peach conserve or fresh, sugared down peaches
1 spoon of lemon juice
vanilla sugar

For the filling and the topping you will need
peach jam

Here are the instructions:
First off, let's make the brown layer. Mix together the margarine, the powdered sugar, the vanilla sugar and the lemon zest, until it all gets nice and foamy. Split up the eggs and mix the yolks in the mixture, then add the cocoa, the flour and the baking powder.

Beat the egg white up with one pinch of salt until it gets really hard, and then carefully mix it together with everything else.

Put some baking paper in a pan and pour your mix in that, then bake the whole thing until it passes the needle test.

Until it bakes, you have to use your blender on the peaches. Cut them up real well, so it becomes all nice and smooth.

Now we can start making the white layer.

First mix together the flour, the sugar, the vanilla sugar and the baking powder. Then you have to add the two whole eggs and the oil to this, and in the end mix in the lemon juice and the peaches.

You will have to do the same thing as with the other one.

While this bakes, cut the brown layer in half and put some of that peach jam on top of it. When the white layer is done, you will have to cut this one in half too, and basically do the same thing. Cut it in two, place one layer on top of the brown one, than put some jam on that too. Another brown layer, jam, and finally the last white layer comes on top of it all.

Now grab some kind of platter or pot and place it on top of this, then but some weight on it for about five minutes. It will make the whole thing stick together nicely.

While you wait you can melt some chocolate to top it all off.

And basically, you are done!

Here are some tips though: be careful not to include too much juice of that peach in the mix, because it won't bake properly if it's all runny.

You can use normal sugar on the brown layer - it won't be hurt by it.

You can also make your own chocolate topping if you don't have any chocolate chips around the house. just mix together some cocoa, sugar and water and when it all dissolved add some butter to the mix. You'll get a tasty mix, I promise you!

If you did everything as it should be, this is how it should turn out:

I took the picture from this Hungarian site, not only because the state of the kitchen, but also because the picture looks a LOT nicer than what I ended up with :P

I guess, because I used fresh (and real) peaches my white layer didn't come out as white as it should have, so there wasn't too much of a difference between the layers (instead of a nice brown and yellow I basically got a brown and orange-so-dark-it's-almost-brown color). Not to worry, though.

It's still amazingly tasty!