... am going to show you guys today are a bunch of clothes.

And before you tell me that this is one stupid topic, I have to tell you guys that it won't be about just some random clothes.

What I will attempt to do today is to make up a timeline with different fashions trough the ages.

I'll start the list with the year 1800 - it will give just enough material to fill this post up, and for you guys to get the general idea.

So from the year 1800 to 1810 dresses mostly mimicked the classical Grecian fashion. They had high waists and low necklines, with both long or short sleeves. All the dresses in this era were kept simple and light.

In the next ten years the waistlines started to lower, and the dresses became more structured. The shoulder parts started to become bigger too, and the hems widened slightly.

From 1820 to 1830 clothes became even more complex than the years before. The waistlines dropped more, and were accentuated with belts.

The next ten years brought with them a whole different kind of fashion. The neckline became wider, the fluffy shoulders somehow managed to wonder lower to the elbows, and because of this people had to give up the hope of wearing coats. Thus pelerines and cloaks became also popular.

In the Gothic era the skirts became even larger, while they lost the ridiculous puffs on their arms. This was also the age when the dresses started to become darker in color.

The next ten years brought something with them that ladies were immensely grateful for: the cage crinoline. This was useful not only because they didn't have to was so many undergarments that held up their clothes as fashion required it, but it also managed to relieve them of carrying all those heavy fabrics on their own.

From the year 1860 to 1870 the round hoops became oval in the skirts, the sleeves narrowed and the necklines remained just as wide.

In the 70's the hoops became smaller, and were mostly used to keep the fabrics away from the feet.

The dresses from 1880 to 90 were made of heavier fabrics than before, and the colors ranged from green to even black. The dresses had mostly high necks, and ladies had to wear some really tight corsets under them, so their upper body shape rarely went unnoticed.

From 1890 to 1990 the sleeves began to grow again, the skirts became almost circular, and the necklines rose even higher.

From 1900 to 1910 the skirts became slim at the hip, and the fullness became obvious only starting with the knees. The top of the dresses started to have a pigeon breast kind of effect. The corsets were also loosened in these years.

From 1910 to 1920 the skirt hems rose to the ankles, making the dresses and costumes a lot more navigable. The walking suits became very popular too, and so did the 'duster', a long coat that was meant to protect against dirt and dust while on cars.

The next 10 years dresses became unfitted, and became once again plain and simple. The hems were lowered until they reached the knees, and most of the dresses were straight. The skirt lines raised to almost shocking levels.

From 1930 to 1940 the hemlines became longer, the waistlines returned to normal, and they started using small shoulder pads. The straight fashion from the last few years changed, and became a lot more sinuous.

The next ten years brought with them the war, and thus most of the materials were used by the army. Extravagance was put on hold, and practicality became fashionable. Once the war was over skirts became long, and dresses got a curvaceous shape.

In the next ten years the hourglass silhouette remained. Women preferred the house dresses, mainly because by this time those who worked in the war were now ready to raise a family. They had to wear hats and gloves outside.

From 1960 to 70 the light fell on the young ones. The skirts became short, and even the most conservative dresses were cut above the knee.

Aaaaand the rest is history. From then on - the 70's, I mean- everything was possible. Teens dressed to shock - and sometimes the more uglier clothes they wore, the better.

But that should be a story for another day (all you young ones out there should be able to ask your parents/grandparents what it was like. It wasn't so long ago...).

So ladies... Which one of these do you like the most?

Pics are all from Vintage Fashion Guild.