...haven't done in a long while now is to post something about mysterious items and places.

I'm hoping that I didn't write about these stuff before so at least some of them would be a surprise for you guys out there.

First off the Oak Island Money Pit

Oak Island is located in the Atlantic coastline, and it's usually swarmed with tourists and adventurers. The place has a mysterious pit, that was accessed sometime in the past, and legend says it hides incredible treasures in it. It also has a whole bunch of booby traps, that until now claimed the life of at least 6 treasure hunters. Currently the problem lies in the shaft being constantly flooded, which causes the main shaft to collapse time and time again. No one knows who left the treasure in the pit, or indeed there even is a treasure at all, but I find it a treasure on itself the fact that it somehow managed to unite people in searching for it, and then there is also the mystery that there WERE people living things behind in there...

I'm pretty sure you guys heard of the next one: Damascus steel.

Damascus steel was used for making the best swords in the old days. The swords made of this were rumored to be the sharpest and most tough and resistant. They were also incredibly flexible. So what's the mystery about it? Well, the technique, of course. No one know how these swords were made. So if someone tries to gift you or sell you something made out of Damascus Steel, you should know that it's probably fake.

All right, on to the next one: Faberge eggs.

I'm going along the thought that all of you out there know what Faberge eggs are. Well, of course you would - there were countless of little ones made that were worth some great money. But there were also 50 of them made for the Royal Family that were HUGE in size, and worth more than ten million dollars each. Out of those 50 only 42 are accounted for, 8 went missing. No one knows where they could be, or who has possession of them - the fact is out of these 8 only 2 were photographed, so people wouldn't even know what the other six looked like. Imagine if you would find a 10-20 million dollars worth of egg somewhere in your grandmother's attic...