...wanted to share with you guys is another recipe.

I know that I promised that I will write the second part of places to visit in Romania, but I thought it would become too boring too easily. So, just to make it a little different, today we made a new dessert, one that I will share with you guys in just a moment.

We had some walnuts sitting around for a while now and decided to make something with it. Dad wanted to have something really creamy and delicious for dessert, so we had to improvise mostly.

We searched around the internet for some recipes, but most of those had ingredients that we didn't have (and can't even buy here) - or they were just too simple for dad.

This way we had to kinda mix together about 3 or 4 different desserts.

Now, I have to tell you guys that you can use different cream between the layers. Today we used vanilla cream cause my sister is just a little bit allergic to walnuts, and when she has some kind of dessert that has too much of it she usually says it tastes like petrol (don't ask me how she knows what petrol tastes like).

Anyways, for those of you who want to try out the walnut cream, here's the short recipe. You will need whipping cream, walnuts and honey. Just whip that cream till it gets really hard, and then mix it together with the rest. Be careful not to break the foam too much.

And now, for the cake layers...

What you need for it is:
30dkg flour
30dkg sugar
3 table spoons of sour cream
3 eggs
baking powder
vanilla sugar

First off, peal those apples, and grate them down. Put some cinnamon powder on them, then mince up your walnuts too.

In a bowl, mix together the flour with the sugar, add the walnuts, then the apples, then put in there the vanilla sugar and the baking powder, and in the end mix in the eggs and the sour cream.

Put a baking paper into a tray and pour the mix in it - then it goes into the oven, until it gets nice and golden.

When done, pull it out and let it cool. Cut it in half, layer it nicely with the cream and place the second layer of cake on top of it.

Either this, either you can just leave the cake as it is and pour all the cream on the top.

We opted for a compromise, by cutting off only the uneven top of it, and putting the cream in it's place.

Don't forget, though, to make sure the cake is cool enough, otherwise the whole cream will melt!

Now, let me just tell you, this is amazing even without the cream on top of it - so if you don't want something really really sweet, you can even stick with the simple cake.

We also sprinkled the top of it with some left over walnuts that was mixed together with some sugar.