...am going to show you guys today is a post made by Discover Magazine.

In case you want to read this on THEIR site, here is the link you might want to click. And you might want to check this out, because I won't post every picture here... It wouldn't be fair, now, would it?
So, head out over there for a little surprise. Otherwise read on!

Anyways, today I'm going to show you guys a couple of microscopic pictures. Since I read scientific magazines I usually get my fill of these beauties, but I didn't want you guys to lose this either. So I made a little list of my favorites. Here they are...

(First the ones you can find on Discover)

This is sand. If you actually click on that link (you still didn't, did you?) you will find this as their cover photo. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? I actually never thought about how a grain of sand would look like, but I guess now I know that they are all kinda unique... Check out one at Taketomi Island of Japan:

You know what these remind me of? You guessed it! Water crystals! 

And how about this then...? Would anyone guess what it is?

These, my friends are crystals of influenza virus. I guess not all pretty things are particularly good, right? 

Let me show you another harmful thing: 

This is a cigarette paper under microscope. 

Also, check this next one out: 

Would you like to know what this is? Well if you didn't guess it by now, these are common red blood cells. They look kinda tasty, don't they? 

Ooooh, here's something interesting again: 

This is what a human egg looks like. It is coated with glycoprotein, which not only protects the egg, it also traps sperm. Quite a complicated web we weave, ladies! 

And here is what it all would look like after the fertilization of an egg: 

It kinda reminds me of the Big Bang... cool idea! After all, it IS new life, isn't it? Pretty! 

All right, let's take a step back from our body, and go out there once again. 

Here's a wood ant holding a microchip. I wonder what he wanted to do with it...

And while we are at the microchip... check out its surface: 

I bet you won't guess this next one! Here's a tip - it belongs to the animal kingdom... No? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is spider skin. 

And now let's turn back towards where we started... 

And in the curve that leads back, here's a Calcium phosphate crystal: 

Then, lastly we're back and sand! 

So which one of these is your favorite?