...have to admit is that today's post will probably be veeeery boring for a lot of you guys.

I've been recently stumbling on blog posts about wrapping paper a lot, and I took this as a sign to write about it.
Well, actually I thought this would be the time to finally lose this topic here, in the hopes that it will right my world.

Let's get started.

1. Word puzzle universal

This was actually designed by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti, but I think that anyone can easily make this using a computer. It's funny that as banal as this idea is some people manage to somehow sell it and make great amount of money with it. I mean... howcome I never thought of doing something like this?

2. Bacon Wrap!

I'm not sure how many people thought about receiving a gift wrapped in bacon till now, but apparently there were some weirdos out there who actually thought about making this real. All right, you can't actually eat these but they sure look like it. And now I'm actually thinking about doing the real thing and giving someone gifts wrapped in REAL bacon. Tho, I think the bacon would cost more than the actual gift...

3. Typographic

I find this idea really simple and also attractive. I't looks good, without it being flashy, and I think that this is actually something that can be used for every single gift you give, to anyone in your family. Boys or girls, grandparents and kids - I guess everyone will appreciate the work you put in it. Here is the blog you can read more about it.

4. Handwritten

Another DIY wrapping paper I found kinda elegant and also simple to make - if you have enough time on your hands. You can actually chose whatever phrase you want and write it on your simple wrapping paper over and over and over again. You can find the full walktrough here.

5. Polka dot

I'm going with the thought that everyone who comes here like polka dots. Well, this is a pretty easy tutorial to make your own dotted wrapping paper. Although the tutorial presents this with golden color, I guess you can use anything else you want. Personally I think that golden is kinda ugly, so I would definitely use some other color... probably green, blue or red. But hey, that's just me.

So you have any other creative ideas? Feel free to share!