... did today was to visit a cemetary.

I don't know how many of you guys know about the city I live in, but around here we have the tradition of visiting the cemetaries - the graves- of our lost ones on the first day of November, bringing flowers and lighting some candles.
Since I had to go to the cemetary right after I finished my classes for the day, it was pretty interesting that there were so many people around me doing the same thing we did year after year, while I was totally alone,walking between millions of graves. In case you can't imagine it, you should also know that this cemetary is also pretty hectic, so if you don't know EXACTLY the location of the grave you want to go to, you will more than likely get lost. I kind of did so too- but thankfully I managed to get a hold of my family (who were heading to the same grave, but via a different route), and we managed to meet up at a point, from where we finally found the place we wanted to go to. It was quite an unusual evening, because the cemetary was almost totally dark, and it was raining for a while, so the sky wasn't too much of a help either. Although most of the cemeteray was iluminated with little candles - it wasn't a good enough light to see everything. But these little lights did give off a mystical shine - and with the smell of the place after the rain was awesome - especially because of the scent of the candles and chrysantemums littering almost every grave. My sister has a better phone than I do, so I put her to task to make some pictures for you guys. They are still not perfect, but I guess it's good enough for those with amazing imaginations to picture the whole thing.
So what do you think - would you like to haunt an old graveyard in the dark like we did today?