...I had to write today was an article about movies.

And since the topic I was given was pretty large, I couldn't fit everything I wanted in it - so I just have to show you guys what I cut out of it.

The topic is, of course, ridiculous death scenes.

So, let us start with the most recently unearthed one, the Turkish Karate Girl.

This death scene is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in my life - it cracks me up every single time I watch it.

The acting is just awful, and the actual length of it makes it all the more hilarious, especially with the random bloody marks appearing and disappearing all over the guy's body.

Also, check out how many times is the same scene inserted into it, where the girl shoots the guy - oh, and the look on the guy's face at the end of it is priceless.

All right, here's another one for you guys...

I don't really know what movie is this from, but it sure is funny. I have actually no idea what is going on here, or what kind of sick martial art is this supposed to be, but let me tell you, I sure want to learn that move. 

So, if there's anyone out there who could explain it to me, I would be glad to listen! 

This third one is for all Downton Abbey fans out there. It's not here for the death exactly, but more for the reaction after it. I bet that Dame Maggie Smith would have pulled this off even better. 

I know a bunch of really unrealistic movies -especially horrors (Chucky, anyone?). That some weird as teddy bear comes to life is nothing I would bat an eye at, but this scene is utterly retarded. It is from a movie called Night Terror back from 1989. 

Movie deaths are sometimes unexpected, I guess. Which makes them all the more hilarious. 

After so many stupid movies where people pull off the most ridiculous stunts we were all expecting that they will make it, I guess. Ah well, not everyone can be a superhero. 

And now, on to one of my favorite movie series that have the most ridiculous deaths... ever. These are funny... but they are also kinda painful to watch too, so if you don't have a vicious humor, don't watch them :D

Ah, so THAT's why they say smoking is bad. 

Ah well, I can barely wait for the next Final Destination movie...