...bring you guys today is a little message from one of my friends.

She wrote this little beauty some time ago and sent it to me - and I took it upon myself to translate the whole thing for you guys. (Yes, with her permission)
I'm not going to add too many things to it today, so just sit back and enjoy, as usual. 

All right, so I'll write something for you. Yes, for you. Your name is not important, that's just an ID code so we can tell each other apart. The important thing is that I'm writing for you - or to be more exact, for your being. 

For who you are. 


Because you were not like this and you won't be like this ever again. This moment is the most essential, there is no past and future, just the present; the moment you live in now, everything you feel right now. 

You change all the time because you experience things, because you get the point of things. Which is good, because if someone would come to love you, he or she will love you because of who you were in that exact moment- because you were who you were- but in the next moment you already changed, time had an impact on you (but that same someone still loves you). And not because you walked in the right direction, but because he or she still sees you in that exact moment. 

That moment will always stick to you, and the best thing in it is  that even if time ticks down, the moment will always be there. It sticks to your insides, and changes what time really is. It's not just an infinite series of moments, but the infinity of one single moment. 

For every person you will be a single moment when you triggered their emotions. 

If you are walking down a road and look someone in the eye, it's not probable that they will trigger any emotions in you. This person doesn't exist for you, he or she is not imprinted into your consciousness. 

But then there are some people who you notice, you listen to them, you experience them, and BANG! Something clicks. A memory, empathy, disgust, pity, happiness, humor... anything. And then that person will mean that thing for you. 

That moment is not a random thing. You need it so you can become yourself. There are no chances, organized chaos or accurate algorithms... and it's still perfect. 

Because we are obligated to move on, and we are all needed for this. 

We can't survive alone, we are each others' conditions. 

No one will occur just so, we all are dependent on each other in a way that we will all be congruent. You'll always be hungry to evolve, and you'll need every single moment for this. 

I could never really define what a moment is. Does it have a unit of measurement? No, it doesn't. 

For me, a moment is energy. The momentary energy you need to get trough to the next moment. So if you think about a moment as energy, then time is energy too - we are energies also; we live from it, we are nourished by it, we will become it. 

We drink time since we are conceived. And what's time if not energy? 

All right, but then what's energy? 

I think that we are the time itself. Because we create the moments, we feel them, and we create the energy that's needed for the creation of the next moment. 

Thus we are the ones who build time, time will be there only until we are there too. 

We are energies. 

And because the laws of physics say that nothing disappears, just transforms - we can draw the conclusions that time is infinite. 

Energy creates energy, which explains what infinity is.  Continuous regeneration. 

I don't think that time is a simple line, I feel it's more like a circle; it doesn't have an end and a starting point. And this means that there is no past or future, only the present, the single moment that exists right now and which will always regenerate itself. 

This way the present is infinite. 

Everything is now, we are all in the present. 

But I mentioned earlier that every moment gets stored up in our consciousness, which brings out different emotions in us. 

This way energy doesn't only regenerate itself, but it also grows. It's how we grow too. 

A moment brings another one, energy turns into energy, and more and more. And that which grows can't be a circle. I would say it's more like a spiral. 

The first point is the moment of our conceiving, then our birth and our development, and we proceed on the outward, we become bigger and bigger energies, until infinity. 

I don't know how much you understood out of this - I have to admit, it all came to me as I was writing it. But it's awesome that I can write for you, because you help me understand the things I know. 

Well guys, that's about it for today. 

I'm not sure what to think about this- actually I would have a whole bunch of things to say about what Imola came up with, but I'm not going to ruin today's post. 

But you can feel free to share your opinions on her ideas. See you all tomorrow!