...usually say when something crazy comes up in my browser is: "Oh, just Japan being normal"

Why? Because those guy are pretty good with coming up with some crazy shit (interesting, but crazy nonetheless).
So, today I gathered up a bunch of interesting looking Japanese vending machines. Check them out, and then don't forget to tell me which of these would you trust.

1. Canned Bread


Canned Bread is not something that I would necessarily want to try out, especially when it comes from a vending machine. Who came up with these things anyway? "Oh, paper and plastic bags aren't good enough for bread, let's use cans, nature will thank us". 

2.  Rhinoceros Beetles 

Asian people keep strange pets sometimes, and Rhinoceros Beetles are one of them. In fact, they are so common, they apparently just stick them all inside a vending machine and make a business of it. Or maybe someone just left a canned bread vending machine untouched. Who knows, right? 

3. Rice

If you are in the need of some quick food, I guess the only thing you have to do is to grab a bag and go for a walk. I'm not sure why someone would want to buy rice from a vending machine - especially one that's placed in the middle of a street (rats, anyone?)- but, hey. I guess buying 10 kg of rice is cheaper this way. 

4. Lobster

I never really tried using one of these machines before - not even when the only thing you have to do is to get a plushy. I consider them a pretty bad way to lose money - so why would someone try to fish out an actual living crab from that pool? I'm guessing it's for the fun of it (but what happens if you actually manage to get one out? Will you be able to pick it up without having to run for emergency?) 

5. Vegetables (and apparently, eggs) 

Um, I'm not sure that I trust a vending machine with my "fresh" vegetables - though I guess I ran into pretty rotten ones even on the market. I also wonder about the eggs (I do hope that my eyes aren't wrong, and those are eggs and not some weird looking mushrooms, but in case I'm wrong, you should know that there ARE egg vending machines too!) - I do hope that machine has some refrigeration. 

+1. Umbrellas 

This one is actually a pretty good one. I guess we all had one or two occasions when the rain surprised us - imagine how nice would've it been if you ran into one of these.