...just can't seem to grasp is how some animals suffer from an illness that changes their color.

All right, I can understand it - but still, no matter how many times you place pictures of them in front of me, I'll still be in awe.
You don't believe me? Let's see what you think of the following creatures!

1. Orange crocodile

If someone would make a pair of boots with THIS crocodile, most people would say it's a fake, wouldn't they? So how did this animal end up with his skin colored like a Halloween prop? 

Well, apparently he came face-to-face with a water filter, and he came out as the winner from the altercation. A few weeks later... and here he is. Thankfully, besides the change of color nothing else changed in him - he is healthy and ready to bite trough your leg if you come close to him. 

Experts say that it happened because the water probably contained some material (algae for instance), that turns this color when it dries out. 

They also expect the croc to turn back to normal (put I have to admit, even after two years I never seen any reports on this happening...which probably doesn't mean much). 

Oh, by the way, this cute little fella goes by the name of Snappy. 

2. Purple polar bear 

No, that's not a Photoshop. This is Pelusa, who lived (she was old when this happened and since it happened in 2003, she passed away a long time ago) in an Argentinian zoo. 

Unfortunately, she suffered from a skin condition, and the keepers treated her with some medicine - that turned her into this particular color. The whole change was temporary too, since the medicine worked its way out of her system, but still, I believe, I would have loved to visit her while she looked like this. 

3. Purple squirrel 

Since we're at the topic of purple anyway, let me get this out of the way. Pete here is a Grey Squirrel, who turned up in a park in the town of Stubbington, UK. 

The fun part here is that people have no idea how he turned purple. Some said it's because he fell into paint - but then, he would have probably passed away. Besides, the color isn't in patches like you would have if this would have happened. 

Others say it's because he probably chewed up an ink cartridge (apparently squirrels chew up anything). Pete was spotted first in 2008, but purple squirrels apparently existed even before (and after) Pete. For examply, there was one spotted back in 1997 too, and another two of them even last year. 

4. Blue lobster 

Now, in the case of lobsters, their color doesn't happen just because they rolled around in pain. In 2 million lobsters one is said to be of this color - which is certainly rare. 

This happens because of a genetic mutation, that makes it produce too much of a certain protein. 

Apparently, there are quite a few different variations of color in this particular race - people caught not only blue, but also yellow, orange and albino lobsters. Although they are still not as impressive as this blue one in my opinion. 

5. Pink dolphin 

This is Pinky, a rare albino Dolphin from Louisiana. 

Besides the cool color - she is a perfectly healthy specimen, just as ready to play around as her "friends". I'm still not sure why it's pink instead of simply white if it's albinism she suffers from (and considering her red eyes, it must be it), but I think it's awesome, no matter how gay they look. 

6. Pink katydid 

Normally, katydids are green (as you probably already knew), so they can blend in with the foliage nicely. 

This pink condition is named erythrism, for an unusual red pigmentation. The whole thing is kind of like albinism. Oh, and to amaze you even further, you may want to know that there are even completely red katydids out there.