...missed writing about are creepy things.

And thus, I'm going to show you some of the most well-done ghost stories that go around the internet (since Doctor Who had a cool episode that would probably scare little kids to death).

This won't involve a lot of talking, because the things that I'm going to show you are mainly just videos - and those are pretty self-explanatory on their own.

(Also, I'm currently in a mood where I would more than likely shit my pants or have a heart attack just by watching these - I'm not saying I'm a pussy, but when you are home alone and there are all kinds of background noises anyway... well. You get it.)

This one starts out with a little girl playing hide and seek with his father, so I'm going to go ahead and say it's more than likely fake just based on that fact (after all, who the hell goes around the house filming themselves playing hide and seek?). But we all know that ghost stories can be great, even when we are 100% sure that they are all fake. Here's the video:

On to the next one... Russia! 

This one starts out with some guy filming his dog, and it goes on from there to a girl actually "levitating". Someone has too much time on their hands, I say. Or maybe they read too much Harry Potter. 

Okay, okay... another, openly admitted to being fake (as if anything like this could be real). Still, just like creepypastas, these random videos work. In this one it isn't really a ghost - more like a fallen freekin angel. If I said too much Harry Potter on the previous one, now I say BLINK. 

The fourth one is a bunch of kids fooling around in an abandoned school (right, because any kid would willingly go into a school after it's out of business. Hell, it's scary even when there are teachers around). It's short, an brilliant - I have to admit I watched it quite a couple of times when I found it... not today, tho. Today I'm weak. Also, the adhan freaks me out even on normal days... the part where it starts out just when it appears, well. I will have to go to therapy if I ever go to a Muslim country. 

And to close today's post off, here's a slideshow of pictures (keep in mind that they are FAKE)... Have a nice evening, everyone!