...think it's once again time for, are UFOs!

I've been reading a book for a long time now - Majestic by Whitley Streiber-, and to add to this stuff, today I also managed to run into a picture that I almost didn't even remember when it came to UFOs and everything that goes along with the conspiracy theory.
Thus, I thought that today I will gather up a couple of famous pictures related to THEM.

All right, let me start with the pic I found today, as in the Solway Firth Photo.

Solway Firth

This pic was made on 24th May 1964 by a guy named Jim Templeton. According to the story, he was a fireman in a city in North England, and on that fateful day he took his daughter out to the marches to take some pictures of her. 

The day was sunny and clear, although it seemed to have an electric charge to it, something like when a storm was rolling in. 

Nothing interesting happened until they developed the film and the chemist told Jim that it was a sad thing that the best picture they made got ruined by that random guy walking by. 

Jim, of course was puzzled, because there was apparently no person there that day besides them. Long story short, they reported the case to the police and Kodak offered free film for life to anyone who would solve the mystery behind the picture. 

The story ends with another weird happening - that is, two guys showing up at Jim's house in a Jaguar, all dressed nicely in dark suits, who brought the guy out to the marshes once again and asked him questions about the weather and wildlife. When Jim refused to admit that he just simply photographed a random guy walking by the two got angry, got back in their car and drove away, leaving Jim behind in the marshes to walk back home alone. 

All right, on to the next one, a picture taken in Chile by some random person (German Pereira). 

He was just taking a walk in a park in Santiago. At some point he just decided to take a picture of the policemen - and didn't notice anything interesting at all, until he downloaded the pictures from his camera. 

The picture was apparently taken on a cloudy day, using the camera's optical zoom (10x), and adjusted to low speed. Now, there's no actual explanation to the pic, but I can tell you that there are a few crazy ass theories going around about it (including not only aliens, but also imps, gnomes, ghosts, a tree branch, a child, and a monkey). 

So what's wrong about all of these? Well, according to other people (I'm just writing down what I read, these are not my actual thoughts - but depending on who might ask me, I would adapt to either of them. Yeah, I'm flexible), the... thing is about 80 centimeters tall. 

According to ufologists (damn, that's a real job? I don't envy anyone who has to talk about THAT field of work) there is no alien that's as small as this one. I'm guessing this pic just made it clear that there's another species out there. Yes, guys, I actually looked this one up - there are apparently about 60 different alien species documented this far. Right. 

But! Here comes the funny thing. The imp or gnome theory is even more accepted than the alien one! (And everyone who believes they exist say that they belong to another dimension and thus only certain people can see them. How convenient.) 

Oh, and the part where this is a child? Well, if the thing is really 80 centimeters tall, that means that this child is about a year and a half old. The kid would have to be some pretty special person to walk like that at that age, without clothes (and a discernible neck), with a deformed head and unnoticed by the police. 

So what do you guys think about this? 

(Also, it's still a lot more sane to believe that this is a house-elf, than where a certain someone, namely David Icke goes with his theories. He believes that every single world leader is actually a shape-shifting reptilian alien. Too much Doctor Who, will do that to you, I believe.)