...finished a few days ago is the Death Cure.

You know the book... the third part of the trilogy by James Dashner... ring any bells?

Which practically means that the only book that's left for me to read is the prequel to the trilogy (and I think I will be done with it right about the time when Dan Brown's new book comes out!) 

Aaaanyways, back to this book. 

It was good, but absolutely unsatisfying. (And considering that the prequel is about 13 years before all of the things happen, I don't think I will ever get answers to the questions I still have)

So why was it a let-down? 

Don't get me wrong, it had a lot of action and big turn-arounds, but in the end it left me frustrated with the outcome. 

I think Dashner just took the shorter route in this, and instead of including the background stories of the main characters, he decided that he shall play it lazy and write that none of the main characters actually WANT their memories back. 

Bullshit, in my opinion. No person in the world would go around with their memories erased when they can easily reinstate them - not even if you knew they were horrible. 

Also, I was expecting at least one or two heart to heart discussion about these memories - since some people DID chose to get them back, but then Dashner decided that it wouldn't be good to actually have someone in the story who would be able to tell us what the hell is happening. 

So he killed her off. 


The main heroine (although I never really like cared enough for her in an "emotional" way, since... welll. I didn't actually know her). 

And then there is how the whole thing ends - with about 200 people surviving the whole thing (when there were about two or three times more people to start with), and then just deciding to go on a picnic in the woods or something. 

What the hell? 

So what happens to the rest of the world? 

I mean, yeah, I guess the Flare kills mostly everyone, but what about other Immunes? And what happened in the other places on Earth? Europe? Africa? Asia? 

It IS said that Wicked was made by all the governments, no? So Why the fuck isn't there a mention about other people? I don't believe it for a second that the only Mazes they would make were in the US, and that the only people in them were people from the US. 

(Damn, I hate how in this world American authors of anything think that they are the only country around - and even if they chose to include someone from another country they make them in a pretty offensive way) 

Oh, talking about offensive - was I the only one who hated Jorge's character? The only foreign guy, and he talks like he is out of a comic book? 

Why the hell would WICKED chose a guy like him to go out there and act like he is sick? He clearly did a horrible job of it (Funny, how the first chapter he was introduced he acted like he was crazy, and then everyone became so good friends with him anyway). 

Also, why would someone write about interesting character, only to leave basically everything about them out? 

I'm talking about Chancellor Paige. 

Chancellor Paige is basically the main mind behind WICKED, and we only "saw" her at the end of each book, and did that trough a simple e-mail or something. And she is the freaking person who actually saves the people that need to be saved by providing them with an escape route. 

So what's the story behind that? 

We don't fucking know. 

I'm guessing all this is just because Dashner wants us to beg for a continuation of the book or something - but I swear, I don't really give a crap anymore about the whole thing. 

The only questions that he answered in this book were ones that probably everyone already guessed after reading the second book (or is it just me who finds some books utterly predictable?). 

The last "trial" of Wicked seemed freaking boring (really, Dashner? You couldn't come up with anything else but the utterly predictable we-need-your-brain act? 

I mean, it's freaking obvious that the Flare is totally Walking Dead (Besides the whole Portal/Harry Potter element to it with "Rat Man"), why wouldn't you make it absolutely so? 

Ooooh, and the fucking ending (I'm talking about the epilogues here). 

WICKED is good? What the fuck? 

Wicked almost erased the whole fucking human race from Earth - and not a fast and merciful way either. They freaking kidnapped, tortured, and killed people just because they thought that they can come up with a cure for something. Really? "For the greater good?" 

That's the stupidest thing someone could actually do, in my opinion. 

But let me stop with the bitching. 

As I stated, the storyline of this book started out pretty good, and we actually got to see what different cities look like in it - the part where they are all corrupted didn't really surprise me, since we live in a world where practically all cities are corrupted. Heh, no news there. 

Of course some people die (as I guessed that it will probably be between Minho and Newt, leaning slightly towards Newt, because he was probably the better liked by the masses - after all you can't have a book series where you don't kill off at least one very-well liked character for the shock value, because most people think that doing that makes a book even better than usual). 

 Still, at least Minho lived (although I don't know ANYTHING that happened to him afterward, so it's frustrating). 

All in all, I give this book a three out of five stars, and the same goes for the whole trilogy (it was totally ruined by the not getting answers part).