...am still not ready for is getting back to the blog.

No, I'm not saying that I'm giving up. I'm just too busy to be able to squeeze out a new idea these days to write about. There is nothing that bores me more than when I have to do things in RL.

Studying is hard. 

Not because it's hard to actually learn everything, but because my mind tends to wonder a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean all day long. 

And I swear that this tires me out about as much as a full day of actual physical work. 

You don't believe me? 

Here's a snippet of what usually goes on my mind in the (about 20) minutes while I'm on the bus between home and Uni. 

I'm warning, though, you'll probably need a guide or at least a calming pill. 

Dear god, so many people. Did I use the deodorant? I think I did. One window, two, three. And who are you the proud lord said. Six, seven, eight. I should know these by heart by now. I wonder if someone would ask how many are there, could I answer without looking? 

Those cones look like huge candy corns. Candy corn, candy corn, yellow and white, yellow and white. If you stick them to your chest they look like ugly bras. Bra, breasts and tits and if tits then dicks. 

Why is everything about dicks? 

Dick symbols, pyramids, Dan Brown, Da Vinci. Fifty one, fifty two, do the little ones count? 

Stupid kid should shut the hell up already, didn't his parents teach him anything? If I have a kid I'll teach them for sure. 

Oh, look they are working on the sewage system. I wonder if it's shit all down there. Ew, it must smell horrible. 

Damn I forgot where I was. One, two, three. 

Nanananan you can't take me YEAH lalalalalalalalala. Is this Bryan Adams or George Michael? I think it's Adams. Fuck I never know. Spirit. Horses. Indians. American ones. I wonder what my Indian indian friend does in the US now. 

You can't come uninvited nevergonnagiveinnevergonnagiveupno I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. 

Eleven, twelve. 

Stop dancing stop moving stop stop stop eh fuck it. 

Indians. Hajdúszoboszló. Imagenes. Dreamcatcher. Good movie. Damn Cow and Chicken. Aliens. 

If the apocalypse came now I would probably be dead. 

Titititititit. Too many sounds not in the song. 

.... The good and the evil... this is war.... it's the moment of truth the moment of lie. Bush. Funnies thing in the clip. 

Dragon age. The new one's out soon. 

Twenty six. Seven. Eight. 

The moment to fight the moment tofighttofighttofightto FIIIIIGHT. 

I'll not be home by then. I want to buy a computer. I'll have to talk to Karl. 

I wish I would be home sooner. Damn I have to study and cook and I have to go shopping. 

This is boring. 

Why do people say that they get sick when they watch the road under the bus? 

It's hypnotic. Like a drug. 

I wonder what taking drugs is like. I bet I would have at least one amazing revelation. I would be a freaking genius. I shall rule the world heheheheehe. The pinky and the brain the pinky and the brain one is a genius, the other insaneeeee. 

Stupid cartoon. 

And now I'm freaking bored. So yeah. That's about it. A trip down cuckoo-land.