...could say is that I'm standing between two different eras in my life.

Fucking finally.
Yesterday I presented my dissertation - which means that I'm officially done with my studies. Thank the gods - and I hope I will never, ever have to go trough the stress of another exam again. (I swear, I nearly pissed myself yesterday)

And, guess what? This leaves me hanging with nothing much to do but to send out CVs and wait for a reply. And meanwhile, I can generally surf the net for stuff...

Of course I started on the search immediately today, and to my horror I realized that I actually missed a new dlc for The Walking Dead game (and didn't check out the last two comics either). Holy crap!

And do you know what this means? It means that I just had to check out a few sites that have "upcoming games" written on them. Just in case.

There are a whole bunch of things that people are probably looking forward to (as far as I could see most of them shooters, which I don't give a fuck about). And thus, I will leave out the ones that seem like boring, repetitive crap to me, and present to you guys what I will love to play. Yeah. Here we go.

1. Dragon Age Inquisition. FUCK YEAH

I have a feeling that I will somewhat disappointed in this one, but I've played Dragon Age Origins and 2 a bunch of times already, so I wouldn't miss this one for the world. The trailer they showed us seems epic - especially because they are bringing back Morrigan (Oh dear lord, yes!) and also Varric (probably the only good character in 2). 

Hopefully EA and BioWare will come around and actually listen to us about what we want our games to be like, and that they learned from the mistakes they made in the sequel. 

The only thing we can know about this game at this point is that it will focus on some major catastrophe (I bet it will be Morrigan's demon baby who finally starts the war between the Mages and the Templars), and they will apparently bring back the part to the game where your choices actually shape the story. Also, the game will be open-world, something I'm not too sure about (I kind of hated open world games up until now, but I hope I will be able to not focus on my hate for them when it comes to this game). The devs also promise us strong characters, challenging combats and difficult choices (oh, I wish they will be at least as difficult as the choices were in the Walking Dead games. I swear those affected me emotionally...) 

Sadly, they pushed back the game to fall 2014  - which is, a looooong time to wait (but I guess it will give me enough time to get a good enough computer system that will let me play it comfortably. 

2. Fortnite 

Sooooo. This looks fun as hell. 

Apparently this game is the first game ever that will use a new Unreal Engine - which is a pretty big deal, since a new engine means that future games will more than likely be made with it too. It will have an interesting gameplay, meaning scavenging while the sun is out and defending your fort while  it's dark. 

I'm guessing they got the inspiration from "Don't Starve" (Do you guys remember that game? I told you about it once...) and Minecraft. Duh. 

The devs say that the game will allow players to gather new materials, using the limited tools you start out with. Then, much like Minecraft, you will use these materials to build stuff- but they promise us that it will be a lot more complex than Minecraft. And, of course, the game will also have combat, where you will have to defend your structures from the creepy crawlies. 

3. Broken Age 

Adventure games are not dead! Not yet, at least. 

Sadly, video game companies don't really see them as games that bring in huge amounts of money, so they rarely ever found them. BUT! Tim Schafer here (probably the best known game dev ever...) thus started a Kickstarter campaign where he proposed to gather 400.000 dollars for this game. 

He got instead 3.42 million dollars. 

I guess there ARE a huge amount of people out there who are bored out of all the stupid gaming stuff companies make nowadays, and they were all ready for something that's a bit different, and not German (nowadays they are probably the only ones who still make successful adventure games). 

 The game will be point-and-click (got to love those), and it will be about a boy and a girl who want to break the traditions in their lives. The girl apparently lives in the past, while the boy in a future world, thus we will be able to control both of them. 

By solving puzzles we will have to save the girl from being sacrificed to a monster in her village, and save the boy from living a totally lonely life on his spaceship. So yeah, this will definitely be a good story when it comes out. 

4.  Project Eternity 

Yes, as you can see this is from their Kickstarter page. Just in case you were wondering. They pledged for a goal of 1.100.000 dollars, and instead were backed with 3.986.929 dollars. Because when you have something good to give, people WILL pay for it. 

This will be a fantasy RPG, aimed at mature players. It will have a great story, great dialogues and characterization. 

Of course, it will be party-based and tactical. It will be two-dimensional, and freakin' hand-drawn, which is always appreciated in this world. Your party will have up to five companions, all of them found while exploring the world, but to keep it interesting, it won't be a Dungeons and Dragons type of world or combat - it will be something totally original. 

Also, the devs promised that the main character will be fully customizable (I always spend looooong minutes on customizing my characters, whenever it's a possibility), and just like in Dragon Age: Origins, the player's choice of class, race, subrace, culture, traits, skills and also appearance will give the character their own personal background.

And, as I said it will be aimed at MATURE players, which means that the game will bring up some serious topics for all of us. 

5. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 

This won't be a long game - but apparently it will be something worth to be checked out. 

There isn't much info on it yet, but here is what we already know. It will be a co-op action-adventure. It will be set in a classic fairy tale world. And, as you probably guessed it will focus on the two brothers. 

Their story is simple, but rarely ever used in games - their father is sick, and the brothers go out in the world to find the legendary Water of Life. 

As you can see, it looks pretty damn good, and I kind of like the idea behind it (it's rare to find a game with an original backstory - nowadays almost all the games focus on the idea of revenge or proving how big of a man you are), so I will definitely keep my eyes on this one. 

6. Gone Home 

There will be no monsters jumping out at you at every dark corner so you can dispose of them in this game. 

Instead, the whole story focuses on you exploring an abandoned house to learn about the people who used to live in it. Yes, that's it. And it's pretty damned amazing. 

Explorations games are freaking rare (and I hope they will become a lot more popular). 

As you can see in the video the environment will be totally amazing, and you will be able to interact with it a whole lot. 

Okay, for some people out there this might not be enough, but I think that the mystery behind it will keep it rolling until you get to the end of it. After all, people are curious - even about the most mundane things -, and this game will make you really, really curious about what happened. 

And come on, admit it... you are curious about it even now, aren't you?