... was given a few days back is a little song.

Emő e-mailed me a short little song from The Hobbit, and I just love it! Which is strange, cause even if I loved The Lord of the Rings, I practically hated all the hobbits in it. I guess it will be time to actually read the series in the future, and add to that The hobbit too.

And this brings me back to today's list.
I'm going to share with you guys a few amazing songs from amazing movies...and video games too! Here we go!

1. The Hobbit - Misty Mountains
OK, so this is the one Emő shared with me. I can't stop listening to it, it's just so amazing. It kinda reminds me of the Buddhist "OM". That strange sound, which you can actually feel with you whole being. And you also know it represents whole mountains too. So I guess, the lyric actually goes very well with the music. Here, just listen to it!

2. Dragon Age Origins- Leliana's song
Again, I have to admit, I didn't really like Leliana in the game, but this song is epic. Actually, the whole game is amazing, and I think every DLC they made for it can't even compare to the original. Dragon Age, in my opinion is one of the best games out there: past, present, future.

3. Pippin's song - Edge of night
Here's another song from The Lord of the Ring. I remember, when I watched this part in the T.V, I almost cried. The song is short, but it expresses so many things in only a few words, it's amazing. Also, it still gives me the chills to hear it while watching the scene of the battle.

4. Hans Zimmer - One Day
Actually every song from the Pirates of the Caribbean are awesome, and I absolutely love Hans Zimmer. Besides John Williams, I think he is one of the best composers out there nowadays. This song will attest to it, but if you're still not convinced search up his work. Please do.

5. Hans Zimmer- Hoist the Colours
Another POTC song, but I had to add this here too. As I said, all of the songs are great, and this one is just amazing. If I remember correctly the movie started out with the pirates singing, and it was an awesome beginning to an awesome movie. It gave me chills, the whole part where they started the killing with a little boy.

6. Portal 2 - I am not a Moron!
Oh, I remember when my cousin first told me to try out Portal, cause it was awesome. And I just dismissed him for quite a while, until I actually had nothing to do and decided to see what it was all about. I became enamored of the game, and as soon as the second part came out I had it. I finished the game in about 3 days, and let me just tell you it was very original and highly entertaining. The game had a great story, amazing dialogue and hilarious parts. Also, the soundtrack was really good too. Kinda reminded me of old sci-fi shows.

7. Doctor Who - Action theme
Okay, so you already know I'm a Huge Doctor Who fan. And whenever I hear the typical songs from the series I perk up. Also, I'm sure everyone else who already watched the series recognizes the songs where the true actions start. If not, you will probably from now on! Listen to it, learn it, and love it! Please listen to it till the end. The doctor is EPIC! And even if Tennant was the greatest doctor, I've came to love Matt Smith too.

8. Sweeney Todd - No place like London
When I went to the cinema I heard some people complaining about them letting us on, since it wasn't a movie for kids, and well my sister was with me... and also some of her friends, and they were underage too. But We didn't really care, cause every one of us had someone they loved in the movies. My sister likes Helana very Much so, and I absolutely loved Alan Rickman. Also, we share a love for Johnny Depp too, so it was no surprise we liked the movie. The songs were great in it, and even if you guys say musicals are stupid, I think they are not.

9. DDO(Dungeons and dragons online)
Sorry for not posting either the writer or the actual title of the song, but I couldn't find it. Either way, if you like to walk around a town and cruise the elven, darwen and other goods you will love this song. It's soothing ahd it will get you exactly in the right mood for some heavy fantasy.
Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

10. The Sound of Music - My favorite things
I'd like to actually be able to host some movie marathons, and share with all of my friends, family and relatives some great old movies. One of them is The Sound Of Music, which I absolutely adore. The songs in it are all evergreens, and I guess everyone who never even saw the movie knows them. Here, take a look:

Now, I could go on and on and on with my list, but I think I'll stop here now. I actually had to finish this post on my sister's comp, cause mine is acting up again... Anyways, see you next time!