...have to do, is to welcome every new reader!

I noticed, there are new places people are watching this from, like Turks and Caicos Islands, and Italy, so I would like to welcome them in this little blog. I also wanted to share with you guys the fact that we just passed 1100 views, so keep up the good work! Don't forget to share, and please comment too! If not here, at least on my facebook page, so I know who's watching me.

While I'm writing this, I'm really quite sick... I think I got a fever too... My head feels like someone filled it up with cotton and I can barely keep my eyes open...

But who cares, right?

Anyway, for every other person who has the flu along with me, I'm going to make this post about it. Let's see what you can eat to feel better!

1. Chicken noodle soup
I'm guessing lots of people have that on the menu nowadays. chicken noodle soup is really good cause it's easy to digest and if you eat it when it's hot it will probably make you fell better.

2. Garlic
I think garlic does wonders when I'm sick. Since I pretty much don't go outside when I have the flu, it's also not a problem to stuff your face with it. Garlic on toast, garlic sause and whatever else comes with garlic is good enough for me...

3. Oranges
I love them. I usually know winter is here when the house starts smelling of them. I could eat a whole bunch of them, and when you have a lot of them, you can also make some juice. Good vitamins in them!

4. Honey
If your throath is sore you'll probably need something to make it feel better. I think honey is very good with that, and even if you don't like the taste (I met quite a few people who detest honey) it will be a good sweetener in your tea.

5. Tea!
Well of course, you'll need tea. In fact you'll need lots of liquids, preferably hot. As I said, It will do you some good to drink your tea with honey, and maybe even lemon...

6. Spicy food
For when you have problems breathing. They will probably open up your sinuses for a while, so go ahead and make some really hot and spicy food.

7. Saltine crackers
If you have stomach ache too. They will neutralize your stomach acid and are also light on your digestive system.

8. Popsickles or ice cream
The sucking of the popsickles will south your throat and the cold will make it feel better. I still think it's way better to eat hot stuff, but apparently cold is good too.

9. Oatmeal, bananas, fish, chicken, turkey
They help maintain the health of organs that make infection-fighting white blood cells.

10. Apples, cranberries, tomato sauce
These contain flavonoids, anti-inflammatory substances that can strengthen your immune system.