... absolutely love, is this musical they play in our local Opera.

Ágota invited me a couple of times already, and I have to admit, I just can't get enough of it! It's hilarious, and awesome and it has catchy songs too! And the singers are awesome in it, of course!

The only thing I wish, was that they would film it and make some CD's. I'm sure I would buy it.

And speaking of things to buy... I remember, that I read a post somewhere about some really cool stuff sold on eBay. But since I'm in love with the weird things happening around the world, I decided to go with the total opposite. Here are some stuff that are being sold RIGHT NOW on eBay...

1. Vampire Coffin

Since for some reason so many people are now in love with stupid vampire stories (Fu*king Twilight), I guess here is where I should start. I'm not sure who the hell would want to buy a coffin off of eBay, and what would that person do with it. I'm pretty sure it's not exactly comfortable, anyway. Tho, I've never heard anyone complaining either...

2. Kangaroo scrotum Key-chain

I'm not even sure I want to know who came up with this... And most importantly... WHY? The description of this goes on talking about how it's OK to have this, because the kangaroo was not killed for it, but because of its meat. Well... how... refreshing.

3. Toad purse

Okay, guys, this is just plain weird. These things are made of actual, real toads. I have no idea what people are thinking, and why they are buying things like this... I'm actually not AGAINST killing animals for meat, but these creep me out on a whole new level. I guess Chuck Testa would approve, tho...

4. Moose poop jewelry

Uhm... right. So there are actual industries made up for this. Yeah... those thins are really what they are called. People gather them, then coat them with some chemicals to shine... and whatnot. I would also LOVE to be present when a conversation is started on this topic...
"Beautiful jewelry, what is it?"
"Meh... it's crap"
"No, really, I like it, what is it?"
"It's shit!"
"But it's beautiful! what kind of stone is it?"
"I'm telling you, it's a piece of crap!"
"How can you say that? It's awesome!"

5. Shrunken heads

Not sure, for what would these things be used, but you can buy them on eBay. I guess there is nothing better to express your love for someone than to give this as a gift. Also, according to the seller, you can get a free postcard with your shrunken head too! I think, now it's worth it!

...And now, for some strange reason I find myself lost in the creepy part of the internet again (Wonder why THAT is...). People ARE crazy after all... Well, I, at least find it even more bizarre, that they actually buy things like sex toys, underwear, partially drank sodas (Yes, there are actual bidders for that one too! What the hell? For almost 2 dollars? Really?), bull penis canes, heart shaped potatoes, toasts with the face of virgin Mary, glass jars full with ghosts, UFO detectors, and, yes- even virginities, souls, and the meaning of life. Absolutely priceless, I say.

I wonder how much would MY soul worth... Maybe I should sell it before the devil gets it free of charge? Now that would be a waste!