... have to admit, is that even after all those yaers I still act like a stupid fan girl whenever someone mentions Alan Rickman.

Yes, yes I know it's all a terrible business. But today, Cracked bought it up all again. Of course they had to write something about him... And, though I'm terribly sorry, I only read that one single part of the article which was about him.

And now, before I fall into a nostalgic mood and start watching every single fan-made video on YouTube about the guy, I'm going to just focus on today's list.

So, here we go!

Some great time-lapse videos, for your entertainment! (Also thanks for the Goblins chat, I didn't have to think about what to write about today!)

1. Total Lunar Eclipse, shot by Kareem Brown.

Okay, so there was another total lunar eclipse video I wanted to post here, but for some strange reason the author (?), Pete Herron took it down from YouTube. If you guys can find it though, feel free to post it!

2. Growing corn, by mindlapse

It's really short, but totally worth it! Also, probably a great educational video too!

3. Caterpillars becoming butterflies, by jcmegabyte

If you haven't seen a butterfly emerge from its cocoon (I haven't), here's the chance. For some reason this video both fascinated, and creeped me out. I guess that's a good thing, though. Nature can be like that...

4. New York City, by Steve Bumgardner

So this one is not really about nature, but about us. I guess there is no better place to make a video about how fast our lives can sometimes be.

4. Magic Shrooms, by annonymer

I find this one amazingly good. It also cheers me up a little bit - makes me think of storybooks and little imps.

5. Burning man, 2011, by Matthew Goodman

So, this video has pretty much everything in it. From start to end, the whole event. I guess this is how you can erect, demolish and clean up a site that huge in a couple of days.

6. Earth from space, by NASA(?)

This one is truly beautiful. Most of it is made up by the Aurora Borealis around the world, with a few storms in it too.

7. Milky Way, by José Francisco Salgado

Okay, so here is the proof that we are all just tumbling around in the Universe on a moving object. It doesn't even seem real...

8. The Mountain, by TSO Photography

I think all of you guys have seen this one before, but who cares? It's probably my favorite out of all of them out there...

9. Snowfall, by Allen Kevorkov

So, since it's winter anyway, here is a little bit of something for anyone who is missing out on the snow (I'm not, but this is still cool).

10. Landscapes: volume 2, by Crew West

And here is the last one for today! I hope this will give you guys a few enjoyable minutes!