...am happy about, is that the Netherlands finally joined the fun.

So thanks to my friend who recently moved out I have views from there too!

I hope she will spread the love even further!

Since it's been about 2 hours since I wrote those two sentences and I still have no idea, where I'm going with this, I have to ask you to be a little patient with me. Also, I'm going to ask everyone who has a Facebook account to join our little group. You can post whatever you find interesting on there, so I can actually see on what I should focus my attention to.

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Anyways, I showed you a few places you can visit in some older posts... cool and beautiful places. But have you ever wondered what kind of forbidden places are out there?

I looked around the internet for a few of these top secret places you will probably never be able to reach, and made up a list of them for you guys. Enjoy!

1. Area 51

I've put this one on the list, because everyone expected it to see it. Area 51 is located in Nevada, and it's the nickname of a secretive military base. The USA government barely acknowledges its existence, so of course it's the butt of many conspiracy theories. The military uses this place to test out new technologies, new air-crafts, and of course new weapons. Also, for those people who think they can walk into its territory... well, the sign on the picture will probably warn you off. They are authorized to kill first, than ask the questions.

2. Ise Grand Shrine

The Ise Grand Shrine is located in Japan. It actually has around 100 shrines in it, and it's dedicated to the Sun goddess. It's around since 4BC and the most interesting thing I could find about it, was that it's demolished and rebuilt every 20 years, so they keep up with the death-rebirth part of the religion. The only people who can enter it are the priests or priestesses who are actually member of the imperial family. So unless a prince is reading the blog, you are probably not allowed.

3. Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion

This church is located in Ethiopia, and it's supposed to contain the Ark of the Covenant. This is the reason the place is often visited by tourists, but they are never allowed to enter the place. In fact, the only person allowed to enter it is the guardian monk of the tablets, who is chosen by the ascendant guardian monk before he dies. The problem with this is, that the guardian monk has to stay at all times inside the church. I guess this job is not for those who hate office work...

4. Poveglia

This little island is located in the Venetian lagoon. The island was "home" for plague victims during Roman times, and than used as a giant Black Death Grave in the Middle ages. They burned up so many bodies here, they say that 50% of it is made up of ash. Also, there was a facility for insane people on it too. It's said one of the doctors killed thousands of people, than threw himself down from the bell tower. The place is off limits because it is actually said to be haunted - if you dare go there, and get caught you will actually land in prison.

5. Bohemian Grove

I think this place is the one that for some strange reason creeps me out the most. It's located in California, and it has quite an elitist membership. These include presidents, artists, businessmen and other people from the highest part of the society. Once a year they all gather for a two week long festival here. Most of the rumors going on about it are about pagan rituals and stuff like that, but whatever the hell they do there it sure gives me the creeps. I kinda sense another Dan Brown novel coming up about this in the future... Oh, also, the place is only available for men. Which brings us to...

6. Mt Athos

Actually this place is not too much of an off-ground if you are male. Yes, this is one of those places where if you have the wrong gender you can't enter. The other reason you will probably never get in is, that the place can be reached only by a boat, and they let in about 150 ortodox and 14 non-ortodox men daily. Therefore there is quite a huge waiting list for it. It is said a woman once sneaked in but the monks caught her. She was sentenced to prison of course... But then again those who had to luck to be there describe it as it were on a whole different planet. Dang, for being a woman!

7. White's Gentlemen's Club

This is another of those places where if you don't have a di*k you can't enter. Also, just like the Bohemian Grove this club is only for those elite di*ks who also like to gamble on stupid things, like this one time where some members bet 3000 pounds on which of two raindrops will slide down faster on the window. The only people who can enter it must be invited by one of the members and than approved on and supported by two other members. Also, unless you are a really "important" person, like a member of the royalty, or some politician you'll never be able to see the inside of that building.

8. Site R

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex is located in the USA. This Underground Pentagon was built in the cold War, in case a nuclear disaster struck. The most important people from the US should have been brought in her, I guess like any other catastrophe movie that exists. (I wish they would be more practical and let some workers in there too... what would happen to those stupid politicians if their toilet broke, or the T.V didn't work anymore?) Anyways, just like area 51 people who live around this mountain spotted lots of strange lights and who knows what else. They are probably researching new technologies there too... who knows?

9. Duga-3

The Duga-3 system is also called Cherobyl-2. It was used by the Soviet military for monitoring long-range targets. As it's name shows, it's in the "Zone of Alienation", so it's not working anymore. In fact, Prypiat and it's vicinity is off bounds for most people. In fact I remember watching an episode of Destination Truth - something along the lines of Ghost Hunter- where some group visited Chernobyl. Of course the topic was ghost hunting, but I found the whole experience terrifying even without the ghost part. (I only found them, cause they had an episode about the Baciu forest, that's near my town). I think you can check the episode out here.

10. Jiangsu National Security Education museum

This place is off limit for everyone... who isn't Chinese. The museum is full with things the Chinese used in spying, and they don't want any foreigners to actually see them. What I don't understand about this is why would they actually make a museum of things they don't want you to see... Fu*k logic!