...regret is being so forgetful.

Since I was spending the weekend at Emőke I brought my Wii with me so she could try it out too... I packed everything up... and when I got there I realized I managed to forget the sensor.

All in all neither us, neither my sister could play on it at home.
Aaaanyways, we had a cool time (especially when my phone started ringing and we nearly had a heart attack!)

Since the new issue of my favorite science magazine came out I thought it would be nice to dedicate this post to internet sites, where you can actually learn some new stuff.

1. Science Focus
This is the magazine I was talking about. I found out about it only last month, and since it has a Hungarian version to it too, I bought it. I have to admit, it was quite a good read. It has information about all kinds of thing, in a lot of topics. I haven't finished this issue yet, but let me tell you, it was a way better read than National Geographic. For those of you guys who want to read it in other languages, here is the Hungarian site, and Romanian site.

2. TED
This site was already on a couple of my lists before. Since last month I've actually seen one of these taking place here in our city, I realized, it became quite well know around the world. On their site there are a bunch of videos where someone gives lectures. The topics are various, and there are even entertainers invited to some of the events. There's a huge chance you will finds something that interests you on this site.

3. How stuff works
I bet you wondered once or twice how some things around you actually work. This site has explanations on every little thing out there, from basic science questions to even giving you tips and infos you might need later on. Most of the posts in there are organized as short lists, so I think you'll actually love it. Also, the articles are kept short, so you won't get bored of them too soon.

4. Project Gutenberg
I'll leave the nerdy places of science-ville, and approach another site, but with a totally different topic. Well, actually, Project Gutenberg is probably loved by any student out there nowadays. It's a place where you will find most of the classical books, without actually having to buy it. The books are organized by author, by title and there are even some virtual bookshelf if you want to browse for something by topic.

5. Discovery
In the rare moments when I'm not in front of my computer, It's probably one of the discovery channels that I switch to. Now the fun part about this site is that it has articles in every topic imaginable. Oh, I also have to mention that How Stuff Works belongs to discovery too, so if you liked one you'll probably like the other too.

6. Bad Astronomy
This one is actually a blog of some kind. They take all kinds of science myths, articles and puzzles and correct or solve them, so they will again make sense- and of course so you'll actually know the good information, not just stupid rumors.

7. Exploratorium
Exploratorium is first and foremost a museum. The site is actually quite fun if you want to check it out... It has articles for teachers, teens, parents, artists, and even "geeks". Whatever the topic you are searching for is, though, you'll probably won't be able to stop reading "just one more" article... As far as I could see every article is unique, and they will all take you to their own little world...

8. Life Is
This little site is not only helpful, but it's also cute. Apparently in every month there is a new theme - this month it's sharing - and everything on the site will mirror this theme. The stories I've watched so far were interesting, and touching in a way only the beauty of nature can touch you.

9. Scientific American
Okay, so I said I'm not a huge fan of America. But I still have to admit, that they can make up some good stuff. Here is one of them. This site is again full with lots of stuff you can learn about. It has news, and blogs, and multimedia, so probably everything you could come up with. And the link I gave you guys will actually point you to a cool "article" you will like. Click on it!

10. Smithsonian Institution
Okay, here is the last one I want you to check out. This place has a bunch of stuff you could check out. Museums, exhibitions, and even an encyclopedia. It also has articles for kids, and adults alike. Also, while at it, don't forget to check out its ocean portal either!