...wish to you guys, is a Happy New Year!

Just in case you haven't read my last Holiday Wishes...

I hope you guys had a wonderful evening, and I can bet that this year will be way better than any other years. Why? Well, cause of course you are a year older and wiser, thus you must be more capable with dealing with everything :P

So now, if this matter came up anyways, let's take a look of what 2012 will probably bring with it. (Predictions made by me!)

First off, in January I predict a great time for every student, where they all have to learn for Finals!
I'm not exactly sure how will this come to be, but the time is upon us. This will be the start of what we know as The Doom.

After the Final('s) Week there will come a half a year where people will run around aimlessly, without knowing or caring what to do. They will be even more blind to the happenings of the world than they were until now.

As I look into my crystal ball I can see lots of fog. You know it will happen. There will be fog all around us, boys and girls. (Not the desert tho. Or the Poles. And definitely not in your house. Unless you take off your shoes.)

I see great times for the chronically depressed and/or bipolar people. They will go out with a BANG surrounded with equally unhealthy people. And also other people who managed to cone them into giving up their money.

Which brings us to the matter of money. Everyone will have it. According to the dictionary everyone already has a bunch of money. (mon·ey
   [muhn-ee] Show IPA noun, plural mon·eys, mon·ies, adjective noun. Any article or substance used as a medium of exchange, measure of wealth, or means of payment, as checks on demand deposit or cowrie.) So quit crying.

Oh, dang I almost forgot about predicting the end of the world. The first thing that will happen is that the magnetic pole of the earth will shift. It was a bit numb on it's left side anyway. Than a bunch of aliens will pick up on the shift and come to investigate. They will of course choose a few children to bring with them so they can deposit them on another planet where they will tell them not to eat from that fu*ken tree this time. While the aliens do this, the sun will fart again and the occurring explosion will melt a few faces off. And make the other half of the population blind. And fu*k up the electricity, the radio waves and everything else that makes people lazy. So when Justin Bieber and Rebeca Black's new song hit the shops there will be no means to destroy the martians besides singing it aloud. Which in turn will make you go also deaf.

So now that these are taken care of, you won't be able to see that there is a meteor coming towards the planet. Without Bruce Willis being there to explode himself it will knock the planet like you see on the billiard table off into a black hole. That will bring us to a place where the monkeys are able to talk. There will be new laws about bestiality, and PETA will be turned into AETP.

Of course when The Doctor will hear about all this and will come to the rescue. He will turn the time back, because fu*k you, that's why.

And now that everything is back to normal it will be okay to watch the brand new movies that will come out this year. You know, like "Zeitgeist", "2012", and "OMG! WTF! Internet is down!" (<--- I'm working on the screenplay for that one!)

Also I predict a new bunch of imbecile 18 year olds failing on their tests and than complaining that the system is stupid. Than they will go on and become a part of it.

And Chuck Norris saw that it was good.