...am trough is one of the worst nights ever.

This stupid flu is killing me... Now I started coughing too, and my nose is so sore I'm fearing I'll soon find myself in the place of MJ...

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year, since I'm not sure if I'll be able to post anything in the next one or two days. May all your wishes come true, and I wish you good health, love, peace, wisdom, generosity, happiness, joy and everything that is good.

And now let's get down to business. To tell you the truth as I am writing this I have no idea what today's list will be about. I'm usually content on just going with the flow. As I told Boti, I'm not someone who plans ahead too much, cause...well, I'm a little bit lazy in that department (too).

I think it's time to cheer up a bit with the best memes out there. This is why I thought it would be fun to list the best memes from this year. Let's see how many of them you recognize!

1. It's Friday!
So I'm not exactly sure it would be good to name this one of the "best", since Rebecca Black managed to do something not many other people could pull off. Now I have to admit I absolutely hated the song too. I don't know why anyone would think this song was a good idea, especially since it's so heavily autotuned. And I won't even say anything about the lyrics, cause whatever would come out of my mouth would be probably frowned upon. If you want to chance you ears bleeding you can listen to the song here:

2. Scumbag Steve
I bet you have some douche-bag people in your life. You know, the ones that for instance "borrow" something and forget to give it back. Scumbag Steve is just like that. Apparently, the guy whose pic was used in this meme is a 21 years old Bostonite, and the picture was taken sometimes in 2006 by his mother. Even if nowadays you won't find too many of HIS face staring at you, encouraging you to just punch him, you'll probably find his hat used over and over and over... you get the point. Here's a pic of Steve, tho...

3. Nope, Chuck Testa!
I have to admit, this one was one of my favorites this year. I watched the video so many times, I probably broke the replay button. You can look at the video here:
And if you enjoyed that as much as I did, you will probably have some great time with the following Chuck Testa pics too...

4. First world problems
All right, so you probably thought about the fact that your problems are probably not as bad as other people have it. First world problems, according to the Urban Dictionary, are problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at. Which you probably already figured, but since I was reading knowyourmeme.com, they had to specify that, so I did too. Just so.

5. Good Guy Greg
Well, if we have Scumbag Steve, we should also have a good guy, right? Currently it's not known who this guy actually is, or who took the photo, but I'm sure he must be quite popular with the ladies at this time...

6. Nyan cat
I remember my 3 year old niece watching this and dancing to it. She also demanded that I sing along with the song, and tho it pains me, I did. This song is probably one of the most annoying things ever out there, but it will get to you. I think it must have been an evil overlord trying to rewrite your brain who posted this, because hell if I can get it out of my mind.
I found a 100 hours long version of it on YouTube, though I'm not sure who would waste their time and money to post it.

7. Chemistry cat
Okay, so cats are for some reason really popular on the internet. Tho I don't like them too much, I will admit the memes are quite funny and/or entertaining. Chemistry cat was actually around for a long time, but it became popular only in 2011. Chemistry cat will entertain you with some funny little science puns, which you probably will understand, if... well, if you know some science.

8. X all the Y
You probably seen this one even on my blog. The meme actually comes from a comic named "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult". The comic describes the author’s frustration with her inability to maintain a consistent enthusiasm for her daily responsibilities.

9. Cone-ing
I'm sure you already know planking:


And Headless Manning:

They became kinda a trend on the internet nowadays, and I'm pretty sure they also managed to get people in some crazy shit... But my actual favorite one now is cone-ing. It's about driving up to a fast food restaurant and grabbing your ice-cream cone on the other side. The reactions are usually hilarious. Here, you can check it out:

10. Unhelpful High School Teacher
So here we are, at the last meme I thought was worthy of this list. Unhelpful High School Teacher is an advice animal image macro series featuring a stock photo of a woman standing in front of a map of the world with captioned text describing lazy or irresponsible teaching methods.