... absolutely love, are trolls.

And since today I found out that I got blocked by a relative of mine on facebook because I was pretty much trolling her, made my day oh so sweet.

You might want to know what actually happened. Well, first off let me tell you that she is a totally blonde bi*ch.

The most intelligent statuses she used to write were insulting at the best... insulting and stupid. Now I wouldn't have said anything if I wasn't so sure that she meant them. You know I usually have enough intelligence to realize when people are just making a joke, or when they are dead serious.

So I remember the last time she wrote something stupid on her wall - she usually insults everyone who owns a facebook page and takes tests and uses all kinds of apps, or generally people who are too stupid to appreciate her superior being. (ehhem... attention whore... ehhem)

So I went on her wall and trolled her around a bit. And considering her answers at that time I was sure she didn't realize I was making fun of her. But apparently someone must have clued her in, because today, when my sister told me she posted something stupid on her wall again and I went off to search that post so I could comment I realized she was no longer among my friends.


As I said... this made my day.

Also, I want to thank her for being so... soo... sooooooo.... blonde. And giving me something to write about. (She made me realize how good sometimes feels to be just plain evil)

Also, because I know she doesn't read my blog (Damn, I wish that wasn't true, so she could face what I actually think of her)... fuc*k you, you stupid, hypocritical whore!

And since this is a troll edition, give it up to the world's best troll: Remi Gaillard!

He is our national hero!