... am addicted to, is video games.

I know, it's not a huge surprise. I am after all a total nerd.

But nowadays I have to admit I try to stick only to the browser games. Since I finished Portal 2 and Dragon Age a couple of times, I'm quite bored of them. And because I have a strange taste in my games I couldn't find anything I really loved since then.

Even though there are a bunch of games that people would kill for - Skyrim comes to mind, I couldn't give a fu*k about them.

And no, it's not because I didn't try them out. I actually tried out Oblivion for instance and I hated it. And then I tried out The Saboteur- which was a pretty good game for the first half of it, but then it got really boring.

And when I tried out WOW in a trial period, I actually thought it was a piece of crap.

Also, games like Fallout 3 had me all angry and jumpy when some stupid mutant monsters jumped me out of nowhere.

And then I realized that the problem is not with the storyline for me... No, those are actually quite good. I think I would have loved these games if they didn't have a pretty much open world.

For example I loved Portal, and I didn't hate those old FPS's either (you know the ones I'm talking about: Duke Nukem, Doom, Heretic...). So I guess what most people love about games like this doesn't really work for me.

For instance I used to play a little bit of Spore and Sims now and then, but the lack of serious missions and stuff like that made me get bored of them really quickly.

Also, one of the reasons I hated Oblivion was that I got lost around that huge world and then I had to walk for hours to get back to one or another mission.

And I guess that's why I like simple games with a given map, simple missions you can get your head around, or just some cute little puzzles from point and click styled games. That's one of the reasons why I loved Perfect World at the start - you didn't have too many problems understanding what you had to do and gathering your gears was pretty straightforward. Or Dungeons and Dragons online. Or Fable, or Dragon Age... and I could keep going.

So yes, nowadays I'm stuck playing games like Sims Social, because there are actual quests I can finish up and there's a new theme every week which makes it interesting, I guess.

Or CasteVille, or Hidden Chronicles- which I only started cause I was bored between times waiting to get more energy in one or the other game. Also they were brand new when I joined and it was cool to finally be able to join in when something JUST came out.

And yes, these games make it worthwhile in the way that they are totally free - until you get so dependent you actually WANT to pay them. Which I guess is pretty stupid, cause the way I see these you can be just as good as those who pay for it with a little bit of patience.

In fact I started playing another game a couple of weeks ago. It just came out on a Hungarian server, and it seemed pretty interesting. It's one of those F2P games where you can play but feel pretty much crappy if you don't buy some extras, but what do you know? I'm one of the best players in there - without actually giving out money.

(And I guess this fact will keep me playing for a while still... cause I have never been in a top 10 or a top 5 player list before and it feels pretty awesome.)

Which, I guess brings me full circle. I admit I'm not a really good gamer. There are some things I will never be good at. BUT I learned a lot of stuff since I downloaded my first MMORPG (Perfect World), made a wizard and then proceeded to buy heavy armor and weapons for him and try to kill mobs with brute force.

I guess now I know why people didn't want to party with me back then :D