... already told you guys, is that I'm a Doctor Who fan.

But don't worry, I'm not going to start talking about the guy- or the show, for that matter- again.

Instead I'm just going to use it as a short introduction to my post for today.

So, if you don't read Cracked.com you probably didn't see the new post about some amazing planets.

I'm using also that article for this one, so go ahead and read that one first.

And back to the topic. As I was saying, Doctor Who is an amazing show, but what I lack is a lot more sci-fi in it. For someone who has the means to reach every single planet in this universe, he is really spending too much time on this one. Yes, I guess it is amazing anyways, because quite frankly the stories always make up for it, but really... learning about new planets is always awesome in my opinion. Even when they are fictional.

I guess this is why I loved Avatar too. Not because of the story - that one was a huge downer, but because of the amazing planet they came up with.

And that's the beauty of it, I guess. Coming up with possibly existing worlds. Who could prove you that they don't actually exist? Or can't exist?

You can come up with new physics, new biology, new time and space mechanics... Whatever you would like. The universe is horrendously big, and it is a given fact that even the basic physics act differently than they do on Earth.

In fact what would happen if the Earth was the odd ball? Maybe everything else is normal, and we are the strange planet.

And speaking of time. (Yes, another Cracked article, which is really convenient that the pair of these came out almost at the same time)

I could get into quite a lot of philosophy about it - without actually quoting too much physics. I'm not sure how many of you could get a hold of the things I would say - not because I think you're stupid or not intelligent enough, but because it's quite a useless topic. (And I love it)

I tried to explain what I think is obvious to many people, but most of them just became confused and then lost interest in the topic. The topic of time travel and how I think there couldn't be any paradoxes coming with it.

For this, though comes in another thing you probably never quite understood. The topic of dimensions.

Now, I'm not a physicist, so I only know about dimensions as much as I could gain from sci-fi books and movies (which is probably not enough by far). But here is how I understand it.

There are 10 dimensions in total, with the time element sometimes mentioned as the 11th. But let's start with the first one.

We start with the point. It doesn't have any actual dimensions. If you have two points and you draw a line between them you get the first dimension. If you take another line and draw it somewhere, you get the second dimension. If you add another "line" to it, you'll get the third dimension, with one line being width, the other length and the third height.

If we were to take for instance a 2D car traveling on a 2D surface, it wouldn't be too interesting. But when you add the third dimension to it, it's like folding up the 2d surface so it's two ends mend together. That car would then suddenly disappear on one end and pop up on the other end. So while the second dimension was a split, the third dimension becomes a fold.

And now comes the interesting part. The fourth dimension needs another element: duration. Or, well in other words: time.

The fourth dimension is again another line. You have to draw a line from the person you were one minute, second or even month ago to the one you are at the present.

The fifth dimension is a split. While you could see your time as going on linearly, it is again another dimension. The fifth dimension is thus another version of you that made an other choice somewhere in another time.

The sixth dimension is the fold again. It's what most of you would call "time travel". Like it was with the 2D car, you are now folding time so you can pop out of existence at your present and suddenly appear somewhere in your past.

And this is why a paradox can't exist. When you want to trigger something by traveling back to time you won't be able to come back to the time you left off from. The new world you influenced would be just that: a new one. Thus, you can never actually do anything to influence your "current" world.

This is why it wouldn't be a problem to actually go back in time and kill one of your ancestors. You would not create a continual loop of paradox. You would just create another world, without your version in it ever being born.

The seventh dimension is again a line. This dimension takes the universe as it was some time ago, and draws a line to the present. If you were to look at the sixth dimension you would see the element of choice enter all of this.

So, with that in mind this seventh dimension is made up not only by the current universe we live in, but all the other different possibilities since the big bang.

For us, this would mean infinity, but then where would there be the other dimensions?

Nope, it's not over!

The 8th dimension is another level higher. While you might say there is nothing beyond our infinity, there is. If there would have been another version of big bang with something that would go off differently, creating a new infinity. If we were to draw a line between these infinities we would get the 8th dimension. If we were able to instantaneously jump from one of these infinities to another one.... that would be the 9th dimension.

The 10th and last dimension is the last one. It is made up of every single universe, every single infinity, every single possible existence that could go differently. (Maybe this is where your God lives)

So now, back to the present. As I was saying, you couldn't actually influence your own timeline.

So, by knowing all this dimension-time-space business... even farther up ahead then only one single universe... (and if you looked at Doctor Who, you would know that even there you could travel from one "universe" to another)... how many possible planets could there be?

I guess when someone says to you that something is improbably and unrealistic... you might actually think about, that somewhere, some other time, an other place, another existence... the same "you" is a genius overlord... or, why the hell not, a blue avatar.

Okay, now I'm done messing with your heads. I wonder how many of you guys actually understood what the hell I was talking about...