...finally managed, was to have my friends over for the day.

It was a pretty awesome day too! We had lots of fun, we played and we even managed to cook and bake some amazing food.

Today I'm going to share two recipes with you guys, along with a couple of pics we made. I'm going to upload more of them on my facebook account, so if you are curious you can always send a friend request...

Without any further ado, here is the recipe for some macaroni and minced meat.

For this one I'm not going to add any measurements because neither one of us used a real, written down recipe for it. It's just something you go ahead and make from scratch, using the basic knowledge that goes along with cooking.

First off you just have to cook up some macaroni. While you wait for it to get done, cut up some onions and fry them up till they get glassy. Once you are done just put the whole minced meat on it and just cook them together. When you think it's almost ready pour a bunch of tomato sause on it, throw in some pepper and salt and let them cook untill you feel your stomach demanding to be filled with something.

As soon as this happens grab some cheese from the fridge, grate it and eat half of it, to appease the monster that lives inside you. Also, while you are at it grab some basil and put it into the sause you just cooked up. Leave it on the stove until you get half of the makaroni in a big saucepan, then just pour the whole sause on it. Put the second half of the makaroni on top of it, lubricate it with some white sause (I mean put some sour cream on it, you pervert), and put all the cheese on the top of this.

Into the oven with that bastard!

Till it gets ready let's make some dessert too.

Grab 4 eggs. Open them up. Try to separate the yolk from the white. Jus be careful not to get any yolk in the white cause that's the equivalent of dividing with zero.

Put 10 dk of butter to the yolk, and 25 dk of sugar to sweeten it's last minutes. When you get a foamy substance put 3 tablespoons of cocoa in it, and one little bag of baking powder. Mix them all together, then mix in a cup of milk and 10 tablespoons of flour. Be careful to mix these in slowly. When you are done with this just pour the mix in a bowl and bake it.

Until it gets done you have to grab the egg whites and using a mixer make it all foamy. Pour in some sugar and some vanilla and you are done with this part. Once the dough is baked put the eggwhite foam on the top of it and put it back into the oven. Wait till it gets a little brown and 'til then grab another pot. Pour 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cocoa and a bit of water in it and cook them together. When it starts boiling mix in about 5 dk of butter and when it all melts you're done with this too.

Wait till the cookie gets cold, then pour the chocolate mix on the top of it. Enjoy!