...am stuck at - apparently - is games.

In the last 5 days I finished up 3 games from start to end...

I tried out some point and click games, since they were one of my favorite genres as a child.

Sadly, there aren't too many good games in this genre nowadays. The ones I finished the last couple of days were entertaining, but short and to tell you the truth, quite easy.

I can't remember finishing puzzle games so fast in my life - I used to wonder for days what would the next step be in the old Lucas Arts games...

Truth is people don't have the patience to spend so many days on a single game. Especially not when you are stuck in the same place for hours on end, trying to figure out a tetris kind of puzzle or just some jigsaw mini-game they tend to put in games nowadays.

The Tiny Bang Story for example is really cute and relaxing, but really short - I finished it up in a couple of hours.

The Book of Unwritten Tales was hilarious, and entertaining, though it was -again - too short in my opinion. I hope they will come up with another part to it, because it's ending was too abrupt in my opinion.

A New Beginning was interesting, because quite frankly it had a unique story, though the game had quite a few translation mistakes and the voice acting in it was horrible.

So just now, as I finished all these up I was wondering if there are any new good games coming out in the future... and here is what I found!

Quantum Cunundrum
seems like something I will like. Apparently it's made by the same person who worked on Portal too, and the game is kinda like Portal... though in this case you will be switching between dimensions to solve puzzles rather than using portals.
As far as I could see the storyline won't be too original, but the puzzles will probably make up for it.

The Journey of Iesir is something I'm looking forward to too. It reminds me of the old Monkey Island games, and seems kind of fun. This one is and indie, but since nowadays so many independent games became successful I think it will be worth a try. If nothing else the graphics looks nice - this hand-paining style sure makes me want to play it right now!

Botanicula will be probably something really unique. Actually I have absolutely no idea what it is about watching it's trailer, and that's probably why I will try it out when it comes out. It seems really cute and charming as far as I can see... let's hope it will be worth waiting for!

Agon: The Tale of the Four Dragons
will be a game similar to Myst - which I never really played before, but everyone who did says it was awesome, so I'm going to take them seriously. The Tale of the Four Dragons is the 5th episode in the series, so I might just have to search up the others to see what's happening before it. The story appears to be interesting... I just hope it will be playable under Windows 7.

Forgotten Sound will be another adventure game that seems to be interesting... at least to me. Because the trailer to it seems a little bit boring I can understand that lots of people aren't looking forward to it. I'm sure it won't be ground-braking, but it will probably give me a few minutes if not hours of entertainment.

Well... until Diablo 3 comes out I WILL have to entertain myself somehow. I'm going to get old till it will be released at this rate...