... apparently lost today, is my mind

I have no idea why, but I just clicked on today's post on Oddee, and spent the last half an hour watching people dance at their wedding.

Don't ask me why, it was just there... and I clicked it... and I was sucked in. The funny part is, I don't agree with that post at all... The last dance I thought was way better than any of the others... but that's just me.

Anyways, for every person out there who enjoys reading about some helpful tips... try these links out!

1. The Daily Buzz - 25 clever ideas to make life easier

2. In this Crazy Life: tips and tricks

3. Do it yourself, home sweet home

4. TeamDroid - reusing a lightbulb

5. Simple Tricks that Make You Look Smart

6. Emergency Ingredient Substitutions for Baking

7. Homemade mamas

I hope I gave you some homework for today! Have fun reading trough them and let me know if anything worked!