... learned today, is that Nasa has a class for astronauts.

For some reason - maybe because I'm too lame to actually read NASA's site - I never knew that something like this even existed.

Apparently there are around 6300 people who signed in, and the selection will start off sometimes August. Applicants will have to be successful in two interviews - the second one held with medical evaluations. Than, in 2013 a bunch of new astronauts will start their training - which will take two years.

So, ladies and gentlemen... Till 2015 we will have a bunch of new astronauts ready to take over the Universe. I hope they won't fu*k up!

Also, here is another interesting thing I came upon today. Apparently my little city -Kolozsvár, or Cluj, depending on your preferences - is the first city in Romania that has a 3D map of its most important tourist attractions. The fun part of this is, that it can be acquired for free trough the Tourist Information Center.

You can read the whole article here.

(And you know you are fu*ked, when you read about your own city on the internet, via an English article)

So if you were not convinced about visiting this city, you have a reason to now...

Okay, and now it's time for a little list... of my favorite CollegeHumor videos.

(But because they don't allow embedding, I'm only going to link it to you guys...)

1. If All Movies Had Smartphones

2. If All Movies had Cell Phones

3. Grammar Nazis

4. Professor Wikipedia

5. Font Conference

6. Twitter in Real Life

7. Flame War

8. Vampire Reunion

9. End of the World

10. Cool English Teacher