... love, is being a total nerd.

And it's not because I have awesome grades - I usually don't.

I mean, here I am, just finished with the last exam for this half of the year, and what is the first thing I do?

Sit down in front of the computer, start up the chat and while watching the brand new episode of The Big Bang Theory I immerse myself in the bubbly feeling of chatting about what would I do if I became a vampire.

And speaking on nerdy things... Even if you don't like math, check out Vihart's YouTube profile. She has some really cool stuff there...

I'm not going to spoil the surprise for those who are not my friends on Facebook... (although it would be high time you joined in!)

Also, for other nerdy channels around YouTube, I made a little list - using other lists that probably used some other lists...

Here they are!

1. TheFineBrothers

In case you never watched anything from them, they have a bunch of really interesting stuff. They have lots of spoilers and a couple of original videos too, but what I like from them the most is the "kids react to..." and the more recent "teenagers react to..." videos.

They usually have different kids watch a couple of videos, and ask them questions about it. It's really nice to see that there still are some intelligent people around the world...

2. Tobuscus

Chances are that you already know of this guy. The most famous of his videos are the "literal" videos, where he goes on singing what is happening in the videos literally and not the actual lyrics...

And because next winter is still really really far away, I'm going to include this literal Hobbit trailer...

And even though I never played Assassins Creed before, I swear this next video makes me want to... just a little bit.

3. How it should have ended

Okay, this is another place from where I share videos on my Facebook profile. HISHE - as the name gives it away- is about all kinds of movies and games... or, at least about how they SHOULD have ended.
I find the Lord of THe Rings one the funniest - no, really - because it's too true. But there are a bunch of others you should check out... well, if you actually watched the movies before it.

Here's how Lost SHE.

4. PistolShrimps

I only love these guys, because for some reason I share their humor. I also love how cool they can resolve the whole video-making issue. It's actually like they are really a part of it.

And here's Harry Potter and the Blair Witch (or Wizard) Project

5. GetItSorted

There aren't too many videos on this particular channel, but I love this guy nonetheless. Matt will help you out with your every-day problems....

He has an open mind for everyone, so if you are serial killer, a dog rapist or just a plain old lady with some gas and matchsticks, you can definitely turn to this guy. Really...

Here's an episode about dead hookers, potatoes and bed wetting