...should be doing right at this moment, is to study.

But, instead, as any other student, I'm procrastinating.

The awesome part in this is, that I knew all along I would be doing this... and I also know, that tomorrow, when I look down at my paper I will regret this A LOT.

But, whatever. Cause at the moment I looked up the time when the exam actually starts, and taking into account that it's at 12 o'clock, I told myself, I have a couple of hours left still.

So, here I am, trying to come up with something - because suddenly it became really important that I finish this post, just before I start studying. And After I finish this, I'll be prolly going to wash some dishes, and maybe clean out the house... oh hell, I think I rather study than clean. There are limits even to this.

And now, I have to admit, I even googled procrastination. As it turns out there are a bunch of sites about it - none of them too interesting, but still way better than focusing on my studies.

And I'm wondering, how many of you guys are reading this as a procrastination too.

And from this I came upon a website, called You Are Not So Smart, which has a bunch of interesting topics... and from there I found another article about why smart people are not social... And from there, another article about why intelligent people tend to be unhappy. ... and another about why smart people have poor communication skills.

And all the while I read it, I nodded. Yes, I agree with these things wholeheartedly. Why? Because I -for some strange reason- usually think about myself as a pretty intelligent person. When you grow up mostly surrounded by books instead of other people, you will probably end up like that.

So instead of just telling yourself you are inadequate, you will convince yourself, that you are just too smart for all those idiots around you.

Which will bring you to some places where when you are proven wrong, it will hurt like being trampled by a herd of hippogryphs. And places where being complemented on your intelligence will mean a lot more than being told that you look great in your new clothes.

(If you can take a compliment like a normal human being, cause when someone compliments me the only thing I feel at that moment is embarrassment, and I usually end up either insulting them or just ignoring the comments...)

And the sad part to this -yes, another, even more terrible part- is, that you end up convinced that you are better off alone. Because there is some little part in your brain that tells you that people who like to go shopping, and clubbing, and don't spend five minutes a day on anything more than slapping on make-up and making out with someone are shallow.

On this note: some people ask me how my sister and me are so very different, and how in the hell I can cope with it. Because yes, we are total opposites.

Well, here is the answer to that. I can't bring myself to care. Not because I feel superior- on the contrary. I will always want to fit in some place, and I would bet my ass that she is hurt when someone mentions that I had better grades at school than her.

So yes, we are all different. And while she goes out with her friends I can just hope that they will too once understand that I feel way better in front of my computer, chatting with total strangers and playing stupid games.

(At least in this place I can feel popular, right?)