...have to do, is to visit some relatives today.

And since social calls have to be answered, I have to finish this post real quickly. Contrary to popular beliefs I have a bunch of other stuff I need to do also (like play some Facebook and other browser games...).

And speaking of things that scare the shit out of people nowadays... Here's a bunch of creepy crawlies you might want to kill with fire.

1. The antlion, also known as sand dragon.

I don't know if it's enough to see that picture, so here is a short little description for it. This little thing is famous for how it feeds itself. It makes a conical depression in loose sand and waits for its victim to fall in it. And if you have ever stumbled upon loose sand, you probably know that it's really hard to get out of it... It would require both a lot of energy and time... which the dinner won't have, since this little murderer has some huge fangs...

2. Japanese Giant Hornet

So the Japanese have another creepy thing... how enlightening. If I would've loved to visit that country, I'm now rethinking it. I mean, just look at that thing... it's HUGE. It gets as big as your thumb, and the horrifying thing doesn't end there. It can spray some flesh melting poison too! It's stinger is about 6 millimeters, and it's poison attacks the nervous system and damages tissues. And it doesn't end there. The poison also has some pheromones which will make so many giant bees descend upon you, you're going to feel that you're blind... no, really... I read that they attack your eyes...

3. Giant weta

The giant weta is the heaviest bug on earth. It has 71 grams, and it's so huge, it eats carrots. If you are wondering how heavy that is, it's 3 times heavier than a mouse. It's so ugly, the Maori named the Little Barrier Island Giant Weta, ‘Wetapunga’, which means ‘god of ugly things’. Though it's not dangerous, I sure wouldn't want to cross paths with it. Thank god, I don't leave anywhere near it... I would be in panic all my life.

4. Tongue-Eating Louse

Though this one isn't dangerous to humans, it's really horrifying. It lives in water, and it usually enters the body of a fish trough it gills. Then it attaches itself to the base of it's tongue, and feeds on the blood, until the tongue shrivels up. Than, so the host won't die, it will attach itself to it, and will act as it's tongue.

5. Bombardier beetles

Other than having the coolest name, this beetle is probably the most unique beetle out there... When threatened, this little thing will release two separate chemicals from its abdomen which will combine to form a spray. This spray is both noxious and really...well... boiling? The only thing that will warn you of it is a popping sound, and before you will be able to look around for the apparating wizard or the sudden appearance of the TARDIS the only thing on your mind will be... OH DEAR GOD IT BURNS.

Oh, and this is just the start... I think I'm going to leave you guys to ponder all this, and/or pop in some pills before you throw up. (I remember when I went to the Zoo in Hungary, there was a place that has huge bugs crawling all around... I swear I had no problems walking around the huge ass snakes that were slithering free, but when I saw those I couldn't get out of the place fast enough.)


I have to tell you, these are really fascinating too... in that sickness-provoking way, you know. If you want a couple of more pictures about huge insects, click on this link.
Go ahead, I dare you.

* Also, there is a reason I didn't put any spiders on here... I think spiders will creep anyone out, no matter what. No need to make it all worse... right? And who knows... maybe in the future I will post another bunch of creepy crawly things.