...almost managed today, is to choke to death.

Apparently forcing medicine down my throat - especially when it's so freaking bitter is not my thing (This is probably the only thing I would not love thoroughly if we could live in the magical world. Making potions? Hell yeah! Drinking them? Ewww...).

And before someone makes a racy joke on my account... I'll do it myself, just to defuse the bomb.

"Gee, you need more exercise"

Heh, did I do that right?

All right, let's get down to business.

Here's another thing I'm bad at... spotting things before they get cool. (Probably my best counter when someone accuses me of being a hipster)

And I guess this time I'm way out of the comfortable zone, because it's only a couple of days ago that someone told me about this movie and I saw its trailer... and another teens react episode too.

So, since I haven't seen the movie before I though I'm going to read the series before I actually watch it (I already searched the books up and all that shit).

What I'm going to tell you guys today will totally based on the rumors and the trailer of the movie, so feel free to correct me.

The first thing that came to my mind as I was watching it, is that it strangely resembles another movie I saw... that was strangely made out of another story... written by -who else- Stephen King.

I'm talking about The Running Man, yes.

And weirdly, just as I looked down at the comment section of it, I realized I'm not the only one who thinks this.

I'm not exactly sure how much I will love the hunger games - yes it does have an interesting story - but quite frankly whenever a rewrite of a good enough story is done, that has teenagers as their main characters, I have my doubts. (And yes, I'm talking about stupid vampire stories for stupid children)

This time, though I'm going to read the story. I'm just hoping it will be at least as good as the Running Man. And I definitely hope that it won't have a "love" story like Twilight has, because that kind of stuff just makes me sick.

And no, not every love story makes me sick to the stomach.