...think about this whole Kony busines, is that it's hilarious.

I know, I know this topic is once again one that should have been brought up sooner, but what can I say? I like to wait to see how things turn out before I criticize 'em.

Also, I can't keep my mouth shut anymore... I tried, but after I talked about it with Emő yesterday, I realized it probably wasn't the best thing to keep it to myself.

Since I first heard about it I was suspicious of the whole thing. And with a reason, too. There comes a viral video out of nowhere, one that even the local news picks up. It has a pretty serious topic, one that involves politics and... well other things that get people riled up nowadays. (If you look around there is no better topic to rile people up nowadays than stories about kids getting raped)

So let's see, what other things I found so suspicious about this?

Well, how about the fact that it's done in a voting year? Just after Osama, here comes something out of nowhere again... another common enemy.

Fun fact again is that Uganda has oil... and another fun fact is that Kony isn't even in Uganda anymore.

And just when people start cluing in the game, the film maker suffers a mental breakdown...? (As I said, it's hilarious)

But what I find even better in all of this is that my fellow nerds didn't fail to make this whole thing into a joke.

My favorite joke about this topic is the Carl Weathers one. You see, some people have absolutely no idea what they are actually supporting or frowning upon. If you look around the internet, this Facebook generation is full with imbeciles and idiots- so it's not a huge feat to troll them.

Like... with this one...

Also, what "happened" to Russell - the co-founder of this whole thing- had me in a good mood for a couple of days now. Especially with all the memes about the guy.

Yes, I am one of those people who like to laugh at others misfortune - as long as they are not too close to me.

Here's a couple of pics that made my day...