... stumbled upon today is a second scale of the universe.

I bet you guys remember this scale flash.

It was something I spent quite a couple of minutes on, just marveling at... well, all the scales, everything compared to us, and all of us compared to stuff that's a LOT bigger than we could even imagine.

Now, this second scale is newer, and better detailed than the first one. You can get info about almost everything that's on it by simply clicking on it.

All right, without spending any more time on this, just check the link out.

(I especially liked the description of the oak tree...and how Minecraft was added to it)

I hope you didn't fail to notice that today I'm going to do a little roundup of things I recently found interesting around the net.

Since Easter is practically knocking on our doors (I hate everything about Easter besides coloring eggs), here is an awesome tutorial of how to make unique Easter eggs.

Random Stuff is an awesome blog about... well... random stuff. This post has a bunch of amazing pictures from 2011, probably the most popular ones around the internet from that year. While you're on that blog, don't miss clicking around the page. You'll probably find some really interesting things.

Whoever says you shouldn't judge people by what they look like probably never saw this site. Personally, I find it hilarious how all those mustache styles really work. They really transform the guy, don't they?

The following site is quite useful. It has 50 things everyone should know - in theory at least. I'm actually not sure how important most of these are - I know how to do only about 50% of the list and I still managed to survive till now. But, I guess it's never too late to start learning, so go for it!

If you have some geeky friends, here is the perfect place to get them some gifts they would absolutely adore. In fact, I could spend all my day on that site just looking at the crazy stuff people come up with.... Oh, hell... look at the time!