...always promise myself is to go to bed early.

Sadly, the things with promises that you make to yourself is that they have a pretty good chance of being broken.

Yeah, by this all I mean I didn't sleep at all last night again... So now I'm constantly switching in between a fully energized mood where I'm ready for anything - I already set up my computer, baked a pastry, made some fruit salad, cooked up some potatoes and fried up some chicken breasts. All the while watching How It's Made - a show on Discovery channel, which I find not only entertaining but also really informative.

(And now to finish my first sentence...) Blah blah energized... and, of course, moments when I have to actually pinch myself to stay awake. (While I was having a bath I almost managed to fall asleep in the tube - and for a moment I think I even managed to hallucinate or something, because I could've swore that there was music coming out of the faucet.)

I can't imagine how insomniacs manage to keep going day after day, if one night without sleeping does this to me.

So... I'm apologizing for not posting anything interesting today - since everyone is taking the day off (sis is out somewhere and parents are all doing some summer stuff in our countryside cottage...) I'm going to do the same.

Have a nice and peaceful Sunday, everyone!