... can't decide is if I should be happy for the new week.

On the good side I will have a bunch of new free hours to spend with watching movies and playing around - yeah! new episodes of TAR and OUAT!

On the down side... it's again a week where I won't have to do much - beside go to classes that is, and maybe cook and clean around the house. I feel like I'm training to be a governess in the Victorian era. But... you know.. .without the slaves.

So... today I got a little clue that I should write about roller-coasters. I haven't been on one since I was about 6 years old, and all I can remember of that one is that I could feel my stomach in my throat and it was freaking amazing.

So... here are a couple of roller-coasters I would absolutely like to try out if I had the occasion.

1. Boulder Dash

This one is located in Bristol, Connecticut, in the theme park named Lake Compounce. It's only 65 feet (about 11 meters) high, but it gets up to almost 100 kph. The fun part in it comes with the fact that it uses the environment to its advantage. It's also made out of wood, and it looks like it will fall apart any time.

Here is a little footage of it:

2. Speed: No Limits

Speedy here is located in Narberth, UK, in a Theme Park called Oakwood. It's 35 meters high and gets up to about 95 kph. The twist in it is that just after a couple of seconds after starting it goes down to a 97 degree drop with all kinds of corkscrews in it. Probably not for the ones with a fear of heights...

3. Dragon Khan

Khan is located in Salou, Spain, in PortAventura Park. It's 45 meters high and goes up to 105 kph. It also has an 50 meters high drop with eight inversions, and about 1250 meters of spinning around.

Here's a little bit of stomach churning experience for you guys...

4. Balder

Located in Göteborg, Sweden, in the park named Liseberg. It's 26 meters high and gets up to 90 kph. This is another wooden coaster, and the twist is that it has a ceiling so low you will be happy not to have a heart attack when you speed toward it.

5. Wicked Twister
At Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio you will be dangling from the track instead of lounging around. It has a 450 degree twist at both its ends, it's 66 meters high and it gets up to 120 kph. It also has a yo-yo effect, so be sure you are not getting on the ride with people who just ate before...